Supercircuits unveils new surveillance solutions for SWAT Officers

San Diego, CA (November 9, 2008) – Surveillance equipment market leader Supercircuits is featuring tools to keep SWAT officers safe and enable them to do their jobs more effectively at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exhibition. Solutions geared to the electronics needs of SWAT units include the SwatVision sensor to help manage risk by “seeing” through walls and the PRST10D portable surveillance tower system.

"These technologies provide officers with critical awareness by enabling them to constantly monitor and evaluate a situation, to accumulate new intelligence and to prepare possible scenarios to save lives," said Jake Lahmann, Supercircuits Vice President of Technology.

The newest SWAT-related products from Supercircuits include:

SwatVision detects and tracks motion through thick concrete, cinder-block, brick and other building materials and displays the information on an easy-to-read, rugged/weatherized, wireless PDA. Two SwatVision devices provide front and rear security. With the ability to detect motion through up to 12 inches (30 cm) of solid concrete and yards of building rubble, SwatVision from Supercircuits can detect breathing to indicate if a suspect is alive or dead. Applications include “no-knocks,” hostage rescue, barricaded gunmen, reconnaissance and surveillance operations. Features include wireless operation, light weight (21 lbs), low power requirements, weather and water resistance, ease of deployment and portability. The unit is FCC Certified and on the Department of Homeland Security Authorized Equipment List, has adjustable range from 8 to 60 feet, multiple language capability, is unaffected by man-made or environmental RF interference, and provides an optional bipod or tripod mount. It logs visual data and provides a WinMedia file.

PRST10D from Supercircuits is a complete portable surveillance tower system that is lightweight enough for one person setup and provides pan-tilt-zoom and digital encryption. The complete system can fit in the backseat of a squad car, sets up in minutes and can be controlled remotely from up to 2 miles line-of-sight over secure digital transmission. The system provides near-instant perimeter protection for SWAT teams, emergency management operations, crowd control and traffic studies. The all-weather aluminum tower weighs under 25 lbs. fully equipped. It folds to 70 inches for transport, but provides additional viewing elevation of 21 feet. The pan-tilt-zoom camera has a 20X zoom (10X digital), produces 500 TV lines of resolution in the color mode and 570 lines in the IR-sensitive B&W mode. A waterproof battery system provides 30 hours of power, and the tower can also be powered by solar, generators or vehicle power. The system also includes a portable receiving/controlling station complete with its own 3.5 hour battery system, 8.4-in LCD monitor and compact controller with a tri-axis joy stick.

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