Supercircuits launches body-worn camera system

San Diego, CA (November 9, 2008) – Supercircuits, the leading supplier of audio and video surveillance equipment to law enforcement, is exhibiting the MDVR21P body-worn patrol camera system at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition this year. The system provides complete audio and video documentation to answer any questions which may arise about an incident, especially useful when duty requires an officer to use force to restrain a suspect.

The MDVR21P body-worn patrol camera system includes a feather-light head-mounted camera, an all-in-one camera/microphone cable using a weatherproof mil-spec type connector, and a micro-DVR (digital video recorder) that features a 2.5-in. LCD for quick review of the footage. It also includes a helmet mount, 2400mAh lithium battery, AC chargers, 1GB Ultra Fast SD card and viewing software.

"The system is perfect for doing on-the-spot interviews, reading Miranda rights, SWAT units, bike patrols, and it becomes invaluable in the case of a foot chase that takes an officer out of range of an in-car camera system," said Jake Lahmann, Supercircuits Vice President of Technology. "The system documents any arrest or other incident. It records everything the officer sees and hears, and provides supporting evidence of the officer's actions if needed."

The head-mounted camera features pliable construction for years of reliable service, and can be positioned by two dimensions so that both the officer and the camera have the same line of sight. The cable connector fits only one way and will stay firmly in place throughout the day.

The DVR has a three-second record button to prevent false starts and stops, a mode light, snap-shot feature and updatable firmware, and it operates for 5 hours with the LCD off. Other features include USB output, pre/post event recording, and alarm inputs for adaptation to emergency equipment or remote switches. Frame rate is a full 30 frames-per-second, and resolution is a sharp 640X480 pixels. The DVR creates files in 30-second increments to prevent accidentally erasing evidence in the case of low battery power. The DVR accepts up to 4GB SD cards for up to 4 hours of recording, and it stores video in a DVI codec that can be reviewed on the included software or using Apple Quicktime. The DVR also accommodates cameras and microphones without standard connections. Combined with the built-in video motion detection, the system is useful for covert operations.

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