Supercircuits introduces cell phone surveillance camera

San Diego, CA (November 9, 2008) – Looking like a cell phone packed with all the latest features, the Supercircuits LWCV9AW Covert Wireless Cell Phone Camera With Audio captures stunning images with 450 lines of resolution and a wide 80-degree field of view through a tiny 0.07-inch hole. The camera peers out the top of the “cell phone,” allowing it to be held in a natural position, or it can be worn on a belt with the included holster and not miss a frame of the action.

The Supercircuits LWCV9AW is just one of many law enforcement tools for covert surveillance on display at this year's IACP show (International Association of Chiefs of Police).

"Technology for covert surveillance plays a crucial role in law enforcement," said Mark de L. Thompson, Supercircuits President and CEO. "We have the largest selection of covert surveillance products available in North America, and have the ability to design and custom-build solutions to meet the specific needs of any law enforcement application. IACP attendees will have a lot to see at the Supercircuits booth – tools they can immediately put to use in their departments."

The LWCV9AW covert wireless cell phone camera includes a low-profile receiver with a rubber whip antenna that can be replaced with a higher-gain SMA-terminated antenna for greater range. The receiver operates on 12vDC, can be powered using the included AC power supply, and can optionally be powered by the CIG-ADPT vehicle adapter or the MVLBCS-9 4500mAh lithium battery for body-worn reception. Transmission frequency is 1.2Ghz, and frequency is user-selectable in case there is interference. Camera run time is 90 minutes, and the camera can be charged in a vehicle using the LWCV9-CHG or in an office using the included AC charger. To ensure proper evidence capture, the phone gives users a five-minute vibration warning before the battery is fully depleted. The phone comes with AC charger/receiver power supply, phone holster, lithium battery, receiver, AC power supply for the receiver, rubber-whip antenna, instructions and one year warranty.

Supercircuits' broad selection of covert offerings also includes:

The rock enclosure surveillance system can remain idle for months without drawing attention, can be buried at multiple depths to match the environment, and is designed with true-to-life color and texture that can fool observers even at close range. Inside the “rock,”, two day/night IR sensitive cameras capture views in opposing directions and are combined with a four-channel digital video recorder, 52aH battery supply and RF triggers. A 3000-ft. wireless motion sensor detects human movement up to 50 feet away and vehicles up to 70 feet. When motion triggers the system, it records for a user-selected period of time up to 120 minutes post-event. A video transmitter can be remotely activated up to 150 feet away so that investigators can check for events without disturbing the site. When activity is captured, it can be reviewed on-site, or downloaded onto an SD card or onto a laptop via USB cable.

The covert utility transformer system can discreetly view neighborhood activity using a pan/tilt/zoom camera with 27X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom. Built inside what looks like a utility transformer, the PTZ camera sits behind a smoked Lexan plastic shield that provides a 120-degree viewing angle. Video signals travel on a transmitter that is FCC Part 90 approved for law enforcement use, and data is transceived via the 900MHz band. Video and data signals can be received up to 1 mile away line-of-sight. The controller unit offers a built-in 10-in. TFT-LCD monitor, PTZ controller with 3-axis joystick, video out connection to digital video recorders and external 12-volt input. By coupling the installation with a DVR providing remote viewing and a broadband connection, officers can review, monitor live and control the PTZ from anywhere in the world.

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