Cisco announces new e-mail security offering

Company to provide managed, hosted and hybrid e-mail protection services

SAN JOSE, Calif -- Cisco today announced new managed, hosted and hybrid hosted e-mail security services that provide the industry's most versatile set of e-mail protection offerings. As businesses demand greater agility and flexibility in how they collaborate, the Cisco IronPort Email Security services are aimed at providing them with complete choice and control over where their [ e-mail security ] is deployed and managed, whether it be on premise, off-site, in the cloud or a combination of the three.


- Spam is the weapon of choice for many criminal networks. Findings from the [ 2008 Cisco Annual Security Report ] revealed that spam accounts for nearly 200 billion messages a day, approximately 90 percent of the world's e-mail traffic. Today's announcement features security offerings to help businesses in light of these trends.

- Cisco IronPort Hosted Email Security, Hybrid Hosted Email Security and Managed Email Security services provide businesses with the ability to choose the e-mail security solution that meets their unique needs. These services enable high levels of e-mail protection, with exclusive preventive and reactive technologies, including spam protection, data-loss prevention, virus defense, e-mail authentication and powerful reporting tools for customized security services.

Cisco IronPort Hosted Email Security Solution

- Protection is delivered via a dedicated e-mail infrastructure hosted in a network of Cisco data centers.

- Unlike other hosted e-mail security solutions, the Cisco IronPort offering has no shared infrastructure. This provides organizations with the highest uptime while maximizing protection of sensitive data from contamination risks.

- The cloud-based model supports corporate green initiatives by reducing the corporate data center's energy and physical footprint, reducing power, cooling and operational expenses.

- Customers retain control of hosted devices with co-managed device access and can access real-time reports and modify configurations without service ticket response delays.

- Capacity assurance provides scalable protection enabling for future growth of spam volume.

Cisco IronPort Hybrid Hosted Email Security Solution

- The benefits of on-premise and cloud-based solutions are combined, as control of inbound traffic is enabled in the cloud, and outbound controls, such as data-loss prevention and encryption, can be handled on a customer's premise.

- Organizations can take advantage of the efficiencies of the cloud but maintain physical control of on-premise equipment for handling sensitive data.

- With a common management interface spanning both the hosted and on-premise equipment, the hybrid solution delivers unified centralized reporting, message tracking and quarantine.

- All future capacity requirements for hosted and on-premise infrastructure is included in each year's annual service fee.

Cisco IronPort Managed Email Security Service

- A state-of-the-art service is staffed by Cisco e-mail security experts who remotely manage and monitor customers' e-mail infrastructure.

- The service provides the high level of data security inherent in on-site e-mail security appliances while taking advantage of the flexibility to delegate some or all management and maintenance responsibilities, allowing information technology staff members to focus on other strategic initiatives.

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