Pixim partner program attains first year success

More than 90 companies have joined program since its launch

Prospective Partners can then go to the Partner Portal to access Pixim's Partner tools.

Partner categories

Pixim's Partner Program is available in three categories: System Partners, Development Partners and Technology Partners. In addition, partners in any of the three categories can also be designated as Brand Partners (in italics in the list below).

Pixim System Partners: AASSET Security; Aigis Mechtronics; American Dynamics; Blue Security; Camtron CCTV; CBC (America) Corp.; Cisco; Clinton Electronics Corporation; Coship; Crest Electronics; CNB Technology, Inc.; Dallmeier; Dedicated Micros; deView Electronics; Digital ID View; Digital Watchdog; DVTel; Eagle CCTV; Electronics Line; Eneo; EverFocus Electronics Corporation; FVS; Genie; GE Security; Geutebrueck; Grant Security; GSP America; Hitachi Security Solutions; Honeywell Security; Hunt USA; i3DVR; IC Realtime; Ikegami; Infinova; Intellio; ioimage; JMP Security; JVC Professional Products Co.; Lenel; Lumenera; Luxar Video; March Networks; Mark Mercer Electronics ; Matrix; Messoa; Moswell; Nichizo Electronics and Control Group; Norbain; Nuvico; Okina USA; OpenEye; Pacific Communications; Pelco; SAY Security Group; Saitell Technology; Seco-Larm; Siemens; Speco; Stream Labs; Sunell Electronics; Surveilux; Topica; Varieon; Verint Systems; Vicon Industries; Victor Company of Japan; VideoIQ; Videor; Vitek Industrial Video Products; Watec; Wren Solutions; and XTS.

Pixim Development Partners: Acunico; AEBell; AN-TONE; AproMedia; Camtron CCTV; ChipER; CNB Technology; Coship; C-Pro Electronics; Dallmeier ; Don Yang; Unitech; D-Max; EyeSonic; Focus; GSP Digital Video Security Systems; HDPRO; Hikvision Digital Technology; Hitron; Huviron; I-vision; Laice Electronics; Lan Castle; Photontek; Photronics; Rayshine; Ronix; Shany; Shenzhen FSAN; Shenzhen Safer Science and Technology; Sunell Electronics; Topco; Vision Hi-Tech; VTC; Weldex; and Yuxin.

Pixim Technology Partners: ADL, Inc.; ARM; Atmel; Avermia CCTV; Computar; Fine Crystal Co.; Fujinon; Hoya; Isuzu Glass; Kinseki Ltd./American KSS Inc.; Long Circle; Mobilygen; Nuvation; Samyang Optics; ST Microelectronics; Stretch; Sunex; Tamron; and TSMC.