Pixim partner program attains first year success

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.-March 3, 2009-Pixim, a leading provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras, announces its Pixim Partner program has achieved strong success in its first year. More than 90 companies have begun taking advantage of the program, which is designed to ensure that today's video security market is served by best-in-class solutions.

"Pixim's Partner Program is unique in both the breadth of the program and Pixim's position in the value chain," said Jennifer Martin, manager of worldwide channel programs at Pixim. "We are the only component (as opposed to a total-solution) manufacturer with such a program, and we are the only ones reaching so far back and forward into the channel – spanning the full range from developer and board-level partners all the way to partners that sell directly to end users."

The Pixim Partner Program is part of Pixim's award-winning Channel Program. The Partner Program gives Partners access to services and tools to help enhance their success at selling offerings based on Pixim's breakthrough Digital Pixel System® technology.

"Pixim understands that our success is intimately intertwined with the success of our partners, and we want to do everything possible to enhance their efforts," Martin said. "The Pixim Partner Program represents a natural extension of our established commitment to deliver superior imaging products in conjunction with attentive and highly personalized technical and account services to our partners."

Partner Program builds on Pixim's award-winning Channel Program Pixim's initial Channel Program, launched in early 2008, was quickly recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its market effectiveness. Pixim invested in a dedicated channel marketing team, established a Partner Portal on its website (www.pixim.com) and began sending out a regular e-newsletter to its channel partners.

In July 2008, Pixim welcomed industry veteran Jennifer Martin as manager of worldwide channel programs. Martin previously served as vice president of vendor technology and education for PSA Security Network – the world's largest electronic security cooperative – where she was responsible for managing channel and educational programs for PSA vendors and integrators.

Since initiating its Partner Program, Pixim has continued to create additional channel marketing tools, expanded its presence at trade shows, launched an aggressive advertising campaign and focused heavily on training programs.

Here are some measures of success for Pixim's Partner program during its first year:

  • Pixim has provided training for thousands of people through on-site presentations and nearly bi-weekly webinars. Audience attendees have included end users, system integrators, dealers, specifiers of security systems, and technical and marketing teams among Pixim's System, Development and Technology Partners.
  • Hundreds of companies regularly access Pixim's Partner Portal and its extensive Resource Kit.
  • Interest in Pixim has skyrocketed, as evidenced by subscriptions to the monthly e-newsletter, whose mailing list has grown from 500 to more than 12,000 individuals – a 24-fold increase.

"The Pixim Partner Program positions us even better to support the members of the growing network of companies who contribute to – and can directly benefit from – the success of Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology," said Martin. Companies interested in learning more about Pixim's Partner Program can visit Pixim's website section titled, "Pixim Partners." This section includes a list of Partner benefits along with a current list of Partners, as well as instructions for how to join.

Prospective Partners can then go to the Partner Portal to access Pixim's Partner tools.

Partner categories

Pixim's Partner Program is available in three categories: System Partners, Development Partners and Technology Partners. In addition, partners in any of the three categories can also be designated as Brand Partners (in italics in the list below).

Pixim System Partners: AASSET Security; Aigis Mechtronics; American Dynamics; Blue Security; Camtron CCTV; CBC (America) Corp.; Cisco; Clinton Electronics Corporation; Coship; Crest Electronics; CNB Technology, Inc.; Dallmeier; Dedicated Micros; deView Electronics; Digital ID View; Digital Watchdog; DVTel; Eagle CCTV; Electronics Line; Eneo; EverFocus Electronics Corporation; FVS; Genie; GE Security; Geutebrueck; Grant Security; GSP America; Hitachi Security Solutions; Honeywell Security; Hunt USA; i3DVR; IC Realtime; Ikegami; Infinova; Intellio; ioimage; JMP Security; JVC Professional Products Co.; Lenel; Lumenera; Luxar Video; March Networks; Mark Mercer Electronics ; Matrix; Messoa; Moswell; Nichizo Electronics and Control Group; Norbain; Nuvico; Okina USA; OpenEye; Pacific Communications; Pelco; SAY Security Group; Saitell Technology; Seco-Larm; Siemens; Speco; Stream Labs; Sunell Electronics; Surveilux; Topica; Varieon; Verint Systems; Vicon Industries; Victor Company of Japan; VideoIQ; Videor; Vitek Industrial Video Products; Watec; Wren Solutions; and XTS.

Pixim Development Partners: Acunico; AEBell; AN-TONE; AproMedia; Camtron CCTV; ChipER; CNB Technology; Coship; C-Pro Electronics; Dallmeier ; Don Yang; Unitech; D-Max; EyeSonic; Focus; GSP Digital Video Security Systems; HDPRO; Hikvision Digital Technology; Hitron; Huviron; I-vision; Laice Electronics; Lan Castle; Photontek; Photronics; Rayshine; Ronix; Shany; Shenzhen FSAN; Shenzhen Safer Science and Technology; Sunell Electronics; Topco; Vision Hi-Tech; VTC; Weldex; and Yuxin.

Pixim Technology Partners: ADL, Inc.; ARM; Atmel; Avermia CCTV; Computar; Fine Crystal Co.; Fujinon; Hoya; Isuzu Glass; Kinseki Ltd./American KSS Inc.; Long Circle; Mobilygen; Nuvation; Samyang Optics; ST Microelectronics; Stretch; Sunex; Tamron; and TSMC.