Firetide, Avrio provide surveillance solutions for campaign trail

Wireless networks provide video, situational awareness during historic election

In addition to streaming video to the mobile command center, the solution allows for video to be viewed from mobile devices and also allows for integration with other security systems like access control, sensors including gunshot detection, voice and data communications. When situation requires cooperation of multiple local, state and federal agencies, such as during the political conventions due to their designation as National Special Security Events, video can be sent in multicast mode to multiple destinations for simultaneous viewing and recording – to police headquarters, field command centers and joint operations centers. Multicasting is essential for remote monitoring by multiple decision makers, but can severely burden a wireless network. Firetide’s patented encapsulation techniques enable multicasting of video streams across wireless networks – minimally impacting bandwidth.

"Firetide is excited that its technology played a role in this historic election cycle," said Bo Larsson, chief executive officer of Firetide. "Wireless mesh technology will play an even greater role in public safety going forward, to better serve and protect communities and improve officer safety. We are proud to be the go-to wireless technology provider for Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles County, Orlando, Phoenix, St. Paul, West Palm Beach and over a hundred other municipalities."