New Jersey county deploys Cooper Notification solution

UCFirstAlert enables Union County officials to send text messages during emergencies

Through the Roam Secure Information eXchange (RSIX), Union County and its municipalities can share in real-time daily information and emergency messages with each other as well as other government agencies or regional RSAN systems. "RSIX also connects to local information sources and automates a variety of alerts such as severe weather, traffic, crime information, and river flood stage monitoring systems," said Ratna Reddi, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Cooper Notification. "This is especially essential to Union County as it reduces alerting time by automating alerts related to flooding of the Rahway River, which include National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) flood warnings and river observation updates from the National Weather Services' Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service."

Cooper Notification has deployed more than 230 RSAN systems across the United States, including major metropolitan cities, counties, state and federal agencies, colleges, airports, and hospitals. These systems play an important role in all-hazards emergency alerting and information sharing among government leadership, first responders, critical infrastructure providers, businesses, and citizens.