Ensure technologies announces XyLoc XC-3 and XC-4 series keys

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – YPSILANTI, MI – September 21, 2009 Ensure Technologies, the leading provider of active RF proximity-based authentication solutions, announces the production of the XC-3 and XC-4 Keys. Available now, these models are the latest generation of XyLoc ® Keys used in conjunction with the XyLoc Lock to authenticate the user and secure a workstation when the user leaves the area, protecting confidential information from unauthorized access. The XC-3 and XC-4 provide extended battery life over previous models and the XC-4 Series, is the industry's first single badge solution combining active RF active proximity detection, integrated HID passive proximity tag, and a PersonalizID TM photo ID.

“This is the first product that combines both active and passive proximity technology into a single badge,” reports John Dunlap, President of Ensure Technologies. “By adding passive door access technology and photo ID to our authentication solution, XyLoc XC-4H eliminates the need for users to wear multiple badges.”

Ensure Technologies pioneered the use of active RF technology for computer workstation access and security. The XyLoc family of products combines ease of use when authenticating a user and unlocking the workstation as they approach and locking it again as they walk away. This patented technology secures access to confidential information in hospitals, clinics, manufacturing, financial services, legal services, utilities, government and other organizations. Protection of confidential information is not only good business practice, but is regulated by various US laws such as HIPAA, HITECH Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and others, as well as laws in other countries around the world. The only technology that provides walk-away security, XyLoc technology has been integrated into most of the major Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO) solutions available on the market today.

The XC-3 and XC-4 contain newly updated active RF electronics. The XC-4 may be ordered with a standard XyLoc logo, or without a logo. The PersonalizID option of the XC-4 allows the use of a customer-printed, standard CR-79 label for a photo, name and other ID information in place of the XyLoc logo. Custom pre-printed logos are available by special order. The XC-4 is rugged, water resistant and backward compatible with existing XyLoc Locks (readers), installed on the workstation. The optional passive proximity feature can be ordered pre-programmed for compatibility with existing HID readers installed in a customer facility. HID tags & readers are widely used for door access control and other physical security applications.