Honeywell launches wireless sensor for theft protection

MELVILLE, N.Y., September 21, 2009 – Honeywell has announced the release of the 5870API Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensor, an ideal way to guard against theft in commercial environments. One of the newest members of Honeywell's family of 5800 Series wireless devices, the 5870API easily affixes to virtually any valuable requiring protection within a business, including merchandise, safes, office equipment and more.

While Honeywell has historically introduced innovative solutions for burglary prevention, the 5870API is the first solution designed to specifically address the need for theft protection on the premises while enhancing the burglary protection already in place. It lets sensors transmit signals that movement has been detected, even when the panel is disarmed. This is ideal for environments where the use of a constantly armed panel is not practical—such as colleges, hotels and any areas requiring free-flowing human traffic.

The 5870API employs an accelerometer —similar to those used in automobiles to detect impact and deploy air bags— to recognize movement. Dealers can program the devices to send alarm signals to security panels, alerting guards and other security personnel or central stations when the protected object is being moved. Consumers can also opt to combine the 5870API sensors with Honeywell's Total Connect digital communications solutions, which let them utilize the Internet and various mobile devices like iPhones , BlackBerrys  and cell phones to receive updates about activity in and around the facility from any remote location.

The 5870API is fully supervised to monitor for low battery, tamper (front case cover and removal from asset) and trouble conditions. For more information, please call 1-800-467-5875.