ACTi announces new cube cameras

Have you ever wished that your budget friendly day-only cameras could detect intrusions even in total darkness and make the intruder clearly visible for video evidence recording? Now it is possible! All the ACTi cube cameras come with built-in passive infrared sensor (PIR) and with the terminal block for digital input and digital output (DI/DO).

How to Turn Night into Day?

The built-in passive infrared sensor detects any human movement even in the total darkness and the alarm signal will be sent to the control center over the IP network instantly. As the digital output of the camera can be connected to external lamps or alarm sirens, these devices will be instantly activated upon the detected motion. As a result, the intruder who entered the guarded area in total darkness will instantly be exposed for high quality megapixel video shooting.

In other words, instead of trying so hard to adapt the camera to poor lighting conditions which quite often is a costly solution, you can simply turn the night into day when the alarm is triggered and benefit from the best possible video quality in color mode!

Therefore, with the support of PIR sensor and DI/DO the ACTi cube cameras have become professional 24-hour day and night surveillance devices. In the daytime you can benefit from built-in video motion detection system while in the night time you can rely on PIR sensor. You can even use both motion detection systems at the same time! The Megapixel models that contain the above mentioned specifications are TCM-4201 and ACM-4201 while the VGA models are TCM-4001 and ACM-4001.

Where to Use TCM-4201
The popular indoor applications are:

- Retail
- Office
- School
- Kindergarten
- Library
- Museum
- Residential
- Public Service

ACTi also offers several lens options for TCM-4201 depending on customer’s requirements. For the solutions where one camera has to cover the whole room you may consider about 2.4-6.0 mm vari-focal lens with maximum horizontal viewing angle of 113 degrees.