Prooftag recognized by international associations against counterfeiting

Montauban, France – Prooftag, producer of the most reliable authentication system in the world, is now recognized by international associations against counterfeiting: NASPO (North American Security Products Organization), DSA (Document Security Alliance), ACG (Anti-Counterfeiting Group), IAA (International Authentication Association), Eurosmart. These affiliations create a commercial advantage internationally, in Europe, Africa and recently Asia. Marking their own commitment to this issue, the Chinese government has chosen to take a proactive approach aligning themselves with Bubble Tag through the CATA agreement– China Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Association.

Having attracted over 30 French and foreign wine producers along with companies including well know brands in the luxury sector, important administration groups and African governments, the Bubble Tag is developing into a key international player in traceability, authentication and anti-fraud. Prooftag earns 70% of their revenue abroad.

"Bubble Tag solution is recognized on the international level," shares Franck Bourrieres, Director of Sales and Marketing, "enabling Prooftag revenue grow 60% since 2009."

This international success has attracted investors who brought 8 million euro to the group via fundraising in January 2011. The money injected into Prooftag is intended to grow their international market share in both developed and emerging markets. With offices in Poland, Dubai, China, South East Asia and Africa, sales teams plan to develop further into USA.

With their Bubble Tag solution, Prooftag provides an answer to a contemporary issue – how to protect brands and secure documents that are at increasing risk with globalization and international trade.

In every country, this issue mobilizes the government and administration. In France, Eric Besson, Minister of Industry, recently announced a new campaign designed to educate the country on counterfeit and how this activity penalizes legitimate companies as well as puts consumers at risk. Prooftag has been active in this initiative since their creation in 2004.