Bosch upgrades video and recording management software for H.264 support

Fairport, N.Y. Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, has released new versions of its Video Recording Manager and VIDOS Professional Software Suite, which now provide support for video streams with H.264 compression technology.

The new versions of Video Recording Manager and VIDOS Professional Software Suite offer customers with medium and large video systems faster access to video through improvements in the setup process, start time performance and system flexibility.

Boschs VRM software functions like a traffic cop, directing the IP video traffic from cameras and encoders directly to iSCSI disk arrays, often referred to as a Storage Area Network (SAN). By configuring all the disk arrays in parallel, configuration time of a ten-iSCSI system has been reduced by 90%, directly addressing set-up time as one of the chief concerns of IP video. Although VRM works with all compatible iSCSI RAIDs, the software will automatically detect a pre-configured iSCSI-RAID from NetApp, Inc., Boschs partner for iSCSI storage.

VRM protects network-based recording from outages

Bosch VRM software ensures that network-based recording can continue during temporary network outages using Boschs patent-pending Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR). By buffering video data on a Bosch encoder with local storage during a network outage, ANR fills in the gaps on the centralized iSCSI RAIDs with the saved video when the network connection is re-established. This is particularly important for networks that require periodic maintenance or wireless networks where unpredictable interruptions are possible, if not common.

VRM also ensures flexibility for the system to change on the fly, either by adding more cameras, increasing video quality by frame rate or image size, or increasing desired retention time. VRM is always aware of all the imaging and storage devices on the network and allocates space on-demand.

VIDOS increases large system functionality with VRM integration

VIDOS Professional Software Suite enables customers to control an entire network of H.264 cameras and video recordings, as well as audio and alarm streams from a central or remote location. With an improved start-up sequence and site-map handling, the new version of VIDOS features start-up times of up to ten times faster than previous versions.

With new integration functionalities with VRM, VIDOS enables multiple VRM servers, each capable of handling up to 2,000 cameras, to be combined into a single virtual recording system using Boschs Archive Player. This architecture is ideal for systems that cover multiple geographic areas such as multi-location organizations, where clusters of cameras in a single location are recorded locally on a local area network (LAN), but video is viewed at a central location over a wide-area network (WAN). By using a local installation of VRM, recording traffic is kept off the WAN.

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