Brivo announces AppStack and program's founding partners

Bethesda, MD, September 21, 2009 – Brivo Systems LLC, the leader in Software-as-a- Service applications for security management, today announced the formation of the Brivo AppStack, a catalog of complementary security management resources available with
Brivo’s hosted ACS WebService.
All of Brivo’s ACS WebService customers can take advantage of the AppStack’s resources, applications, and integrated products, which include software offerings from Brivo and industry-leading partners Axis Communications, HID Global, Dedicated Micros, Pelco, Speco Technologies, Samsung Electronics, EasyLobby, Timeware Inc., EZ Inc., and Ultra Electronics. The AppStack is a menu of offerings that enable integrators to create just the right security management solution for each of their ACS WebService customers.
AppStack’s complementary services share data and tightly bound processes with Brivo’s core hosted access control application, and range from video integration and ID Badging to workforce management and parking reservation allocation. Customers can choose one or multiple software additions to their security management system and manage them all via the Brivo Web-hosted interface.
“We believe that security applications should be built to be complementary and to take advantage of the power of the Internet and the SaaS cloud computing model,” said Brivo President and CEO, Steve Van Till. “Brivo’s AppStack is the embodiment of this concept, and it demonstrates our commitment to openness, compatibility, and constant innovation.” Brivo plans significant user interface upgrades to its ACS WebService portal to increase AppStack’s functionality and welcomes additional partners with complementary applications who want to join the SaaS generation of security solutions. About Brivo Systems
Brivo Systems LLC provides an online, open-system security management technology platform that empowers organizations to protect and remotely monitor buildings and perimeter entry points using the latest in Internet and wireless technologies. With Brivo’s security management system, customers significantly expand their physical access control system by customizing functionality to exactly fit their needs and more effectively mitigate and manage security risk. The company’s hardware products and software services enable businesses to control physical access to offices, warehouses, remote/unmanned buildings, as well as sensitive areas such as computer rooms, where real-time control and accountability of entry are critical. 2009 marks 10 years of Brivo making security simple for thousand of end users around the world.