Rio de Janeiro State Prison leverages Nextive IP video portfolio from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions for Enhanced Security

MELVILLE, N.Y., September 17, 2009 – Verint® Systems Inc., a leading global provider of analytics software-based solutions for workforce-enterprise optimization and security, today announced Rio de Janeiro State Prison Administration’s use of the Nextiva® IP Video portfolio from Verint® Video Intelligence Solutions™.

To help enhance the security of its maximum-security prison complex, as well as decrease violence and misconduct, various buildings within Rio’s Bangu Penitentiary deployed Nextiva Video Management software and Nextiva IP cameras. With the technology’s live and recorded video, prison security can centrally monitor the complex, as well as more effectively support incident investigations.
“With Nextiva, our response time is improved, many security breaches can be prevented, and order is more efficiently maintained,” says Major Ricardo Alexandre Romar Naldoni, IT superintendent, State of Rio de Janeiro Prison Administration. Adds Colonel Cesar Monteiro de Carvalho, secretary, State of Rio de Janeiro Prison Administration, “By quickly alerting prison personnel to potential threats, Verint networked video solutions help safeguard prisoners, staff and the public.”

To effectively monitor inmate and guard activity in high-risk areas, Nextiva IP cameras are installed in Bangu’s dining and recreation areas, hallways, corridors and outdoor perimeters. With on-board video analytics, the technology has helped to increase situational awareness and enable prison personnel to more efficiently and proactively detect potential problems. Further, Nextiva IP Video Management software with fail-over recording has simplified management of the facility’s entire video operation, helping ensure critical video is available when needed.

“We’re pleased to provide correctional institutions, such as the State of Rio de Janeiro Prison Administration, with advanced technology solutions that support comprehensive approaches to security and heightened levels of safety for inmates, guards and the public,” adds Elan Moriah, president, Verint Video Intelligence Solutions and Verint® Witness Actionable Solutions®.
About State of Rio de Janeiro Prison System

The Rio de Janeiro State Prison system is comprised of more than 22,000 prisoners and makes up about eight percent of the Brazilian prison population. It is comprised of 12 maximum-security penitentiaries, four medium-security prisons, three penal institution work camps and halfway houses, one house of custody where prisoners are held awaiting trial, three general hospitals and three psychiatric hospitals.