Stretch to release new series of OEM boards featuring its S7000 processors

New designs are available as production-ready OEM products

SUNNYVALE, Calif., September 21, 2010 – Stretch Inc., the pioneer and leader in software configurable processors, today announced a new series of OEM boards and reference designs featuring its recently announced S7000 family of software configurable processors. The new designs are available as production-ready OEM products, as well as fully-featured reference designs that can be used to speed the development of video surveillance products. The new series includes reference designs for standalone hybrid DVRs, PCIe add-in cards, and video surveillance cameras. Stretch has employed the scalability of its revolutionary S7000 processor family to build a broad portfolio that spans resolutions from standard definition up to 1080p60 and provides channel densities ranging from 8 to 32 channels of video on a single add-in card.

"These reference designs showcase the performance and flexibility of our S7000 devices," said Craig Lytle, Stretch president and CEO. "Using the Stretch H.264 High Profile CODEC, we can deliver the surveillance industry’s best video quality at very low bitrates. This slashes networking and storage costs for surveillance systems and significantly increases the length of time captured video can be retained."

S7000 Powered Cameras – Single-Chip 1080p60 Performance

Stretch has developed a programmable, wide-dynamic range Image Signal Processing (ISP) software solution that runs on its S7000 devices, eliminating the need for a dedicated ISP co-processor. This ISP software, combined with the Stretch H.264 High Profile encoder software, ensures outstanding video quality with the lowest possible bit rate for the Stretch IP camera reference designs. Stretch offers three camera options: a 1080p60 IP camera design with switchable CVBS or HDcctv spot outputs, a low-cost 1080p30 IP camera, and an HDcctv camera reference design.

Don MacMillan, Stretch vice president of software engineering said, “The integrated ARM processor in the S7000 family of devices allows Stretch to provide both ONVIF and PSIA support running on Linux, allowing rapid development of standards-compliant network cameras.”

Standalone Hybrid DVRs – Support for ANY IP Camera

Modern video surveillance systems can have a combination of traditional analog CCTV cameras, HDcctv cameras, and IP network cameras, which could use a variety of resolutions, frame rates, and encoding options. Because the S7000 devices are software configurable, they can decode any current or future IP camera bitstream through software modifications. This makes them the ideal, future-proof choice for Hybrid DVR applications. The integrated ARM processor removes the need for an external host processor and lowers the bill-of-material costs for standalone DVRs. Stretch offers a variety of standalone hybrid DVR OEM boards and reference designs in 8- and 16-channel configurations, and supporting ONVIF, PSIA, and HDcctv standards.

PCI Express Add-in Cards – Unprecedented Channel Density and Cost Savings

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