Network cameras provide surveillance at UK poker venue

Dusk Till Dawn poker room features high-end amenities, high-tech surveillance

"Dusk Till Dawn is a premier gaming venue where poker enthusiasts can really enjoy their game. The employees at the venue provide an environment which is welcoming, safe and secure. Security incidents are very rare, but should an incident occur there is the reassurance that the total coverage provided by the Axis network cameras will deliver images."

Matthew Camp, managing director, White UK, commented:

"Working with Axis and ADI-Gardner has given our business a substantial revenue stream which complements our network cabling and AV installation work. We use Axis cameras because we know that they deliver in terms of image quality, flexibility and reliability and we would not hesitate to use Axis in the future."

Derek Gregson, IT director, Dusk Till Dawn, commented:

"Dusk Till Dawn's infrastructure was designed from day one with all systems integrated into the core network. Axis IP cameras are an integral building block in realising that integration ideal, as they provide the required level of surveillance of other systems, with the enhancement of giving us the ability to utilise the data provided anywhere within our corporate network. From a management aspect this is the key benefit of the system - and it delivers! Axis and White UK have worked alongside the internal teams, both technical and management, to deliver a cohesive, resilient and trusted system."

About Axis

Axis is an IT company offering network video solutions for professional installations. The company is the global market leader in network video, driving the ongoing shift from analogue to digital video surveillance. Axis products and solutions focus on security surveillance and remote monitoring and are based on innovative, open technology platforms.

Axis is a Swedish-based company, operating worldwide with offices in more than 20 countries and cooperating with partners in more than 70 countries. Founded in 1984, Axis is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange under the ticker AXIS.