HID Global and Integra Micro Systems combine solutions

IRVINE, Calif., November 5, 2008 – HID Global, the trusted leader in providing solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced that its MIFARE Easy Reader Board is incorporated into Integra Micro Systems’ innovative imFAST financial terminal. Designed as a mobile unit solution, the imFAST terminal enables banks to extend their services to remote areas without large capital and infrastructure investments, while enabling users to conduct highly secure, highly convenient financial transactions.

The imFAST terminal leverages the MIFARE Easy Reader Board’s high reliability and resistance to climate conditions (heat and humidity) and physical shocks, which enables the imFAST units to withstand the extreme environmental and transportation environments in which it may be used. In addition, the signal anti-collision capabilities of HID Global’s MIFARE reader board enable fast, secure and effective transactions as the banker’s and customer’s contactless cards must be used simultaneously to activate the system.

"We are pleased to be part of this innovative application that brings the bank directly to customers in regions who wouldn’t otherwise have access to financial services," said Stefan Trautner, director integration cashless payment, HID Global. "The imFAST terminal represents an ideal opportunity for the banking industry to meet underserved and underdeveloped populations."

The imFAST units use normal phone connectivity to complete transactions. However, when used in areas where there is no phone connection or mobile signal immediately available, the unit records all transactions offline and then transfers them to the bank’s server when a connection becomes available. The imFAST units also offer voice guidance support in local languages, which helps aid users who may be unable to read. In addition, the units have multiple power supply options, including connection to an automotive battery.