AngelTrax releases new video management software solution

NEWTON, Ala. – March 1, 2011 – AngelTrax today announced a significant expansion of its versatile video management software suite – FlexPlay Pro – AngelTrax's video data management platform for analyzing live and stored video surveillance and telematics. FlexPlay Pro features remote system configuration, automatic wireless downloads, live video streaming and instant system health notifications, enabling fleet directors to gain real-time insight into their fleet operations. In addition, FlexPlay Pro features an enhanced user interface, resulting in streamlined monitoring of telematics data.

"We're proud to offer our customers a new video management platform that will help make fleet management easier and more efficient," said Scott Lisenby, AngelTrax’s vice president. "With wireless technology, instant system notifications, off-site setup, live video streaming and intuitive user interface design, FlexPlay Pro provides customers the best video management software solution in the transportation industry."

FlexPlay Pro offers a tightly integrated video data management tool, providing an efficient solution when paired with AngelTrax's advanced wireless technology. Managing onboard video data is now simpler and more convenient through FlexPlay Pro's single, intuitive software interface.

Automated wireless downloading sets a new standard for AngelTrax's video management software. Wireless connectivity offers users the power to stream live audio and video data, download streamed video files and receive instant system notifications. System-wide remote configuration also allows users to create custom notification and network settings for each component in their fleet, providing simplified fleet management.

FlexPlay Pro notification settings can be programmed to alert users to events, such as camera loss, hard drive failure, vehicle collisions, over speed and other system malfunctions. This constant stream of data allows for faster response times, reducing liability and increasing the over-all lifespan of both vehicles and surveillance equipment.

The redesigned interface, similar to the AngelTrax FlexPlay user environment, allows fleet directors to browse and monitor video data faster and more easily than ever before. Users with GPS enabled equipment can now view embedded GPS coordinates as a Google Map overlay synced with video surveillance footage in a user-friendly side-by-side format.

Other FlexPlay Pro features include: a four or eight channel video display with selectable audio playback; an innovative blur feature – used to conceal innocent individuals; automatic retrieval of stored footage from the hard drive; 24 hour, one hour or 20 minute segmented playback timeline and industry-leading user interface enhancements.