SC Black introduces new DVR

Anaheim, CA (September 21, 2009) – SC Black, the comprehensive dealer program and fast growing Supercircuits initiative, is unveiling an embedded 16-channel DVR, offering several industry leading features this week at ASIS 2009. This new DVR utilizes the latest in ASIC technology from Mobilygen to offer high resolution H.264 compression and offers hybrid capabilities for future integration with IP cameras. The DVR also offers real time recording on all channels at D1 resolution, and allows simultaneous playback of all channels (4/8/16) for a more comprehensive and comparative review of recorded images – features that clearly set this unit apart from the competition.

“Our new embedded DVR delivers advanced solutions to users at an extremely competitive price,” said George Farley, Vice President Marketing, SC Black. “We’ve added cutting edge technology to our already feature-packed recorders to set a new standard for embedded DVRs – and continue to deliver unbeatable value to our dealers.”

The new DH Series offers H.264 compression technology and full D1 recording at 30 fps (frames per second) on all channels, as well as audio recording capability on all channels (4/8/16). The internal storage capability can be expanded up to 3TB and offers eSATA integration for external storage arrays. Multiple DVRs can be viewed simultaneously using the CMS remote client and export options include both DVD/CD-R and USB 2.0. A USB mouse control option is also standard for point and click navigation. Additionally, the embedded DVR offers hybrid capabilities without IP licensing fees.

SC Black offers dealers the opportunity to carry a complete line of premium branded products that is sold exclusively through our channel partners. Participating dealers have access to a host of support, marketing and technical services as well as a dealer-only website, special programs, pricing and more. SC Black products include professional video surveillance with cutting-edge technology and priced to break new ground.

For more information about SC Black, call 1-877-572-2522 or email