LOREX introduces new IP camera

BALTIMORE , Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- LOREX Technology, a global leader in advanced video security products for professional and consumer applications, proudly announces the release of its Easy Connect Network IP Camera (LNE3003). Unlike any other conventional network camera available in the market, the LOREX LNE3003 is truly easy-to-install, providing the reliability and performance of a professional-grade product to both home users and businesses. LOREX is expanding its product line offering security with simplicity at an affordable price.

The Easy Connect Network IP Camera allows users to remotely monitor their home and business through a secure, password protected connection that requires no networking knowledge. See, hear and protect what matters by connecting the camera to a router or to an active wall port on your local network. Follow the simple instructions and the camera will be detected automatically and running in minutes.

The Easy Connect Network IP Camera is compatible with 3G mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Consumers can access their network camera remotely, providing the luxury and peace-of-mind of being connected anywhere, anytime. The camera's wireless Wi-Fi option allows users to place the camera in any indoor location without having to run network cables.

"We're excited to introduce this simple to use network camera that meets the ever-changing security needs of business and home consumers," said Henry Schnurbach , Chairman & CEO. "The Easy Connect Network IP Camera provides an easy-to-install and cost-effective networking solution, allowing users to keep an eye on what matters most, regardless of their location."

LOREX has teamed up with Yoics to provide a solution for consumers to access and manage their network devices from anywhere at any time through the Internet. Users no longer need to configure their router, instead simply create an account at http://lorex.yoics.com for quick and easy remote viewing. The LOREX LNE3003 redefines how businesses and homeowners use surveillance network cameras. Monitor the cash register, inventory or employees in a business environment or alternatively the kids or pets at home. It really is that easy.

The LOREX LNE3003 features high-resolution viewing, 10x digital zoom and two-way audio. Enhanced MPEG4 compression provides efficient video streaming enabling users to monitor real-time surveillance. The multifaceted camera provides superior low-light performance with night-vision LEDs. Motion events trigger e-mail notifications with a JPEG image attachment allowing consumers to see the action that occurred. Included software gives users the ability to view and record up to six cameras and also playback pre-recorded video. The LNE3003 is PC compatible and can be viewed on Mac supporting Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

To view a live demo of LOREX network cameras, visit http://see.lorexworld.com.

The Easy Connect Network IP Camera is the latest addition to LOREX' digital wireless product line and is available now at select major retailers in store and online. Visit www.lorexcctv.com to learn more about the exciting networking capabilities of the LNE3003.