Rosslare's launches new wireless keypad

Rosslare proudly releases its new KE-30 bi-directional, wireless keypad — a combination of precision and craftsmanship. Years of profound industry knowledge led to the creation of this battery-powered device, designed to be installed and operated anywhere at home, not necessarily near a main power supply.


  • Greater battery power (with over 2 years of battery life) supports the following integrated features:
  • Bi-directional RF communication arm/disarm commands with real-time status updates from the Control Panel
  • Visual and audio status indicators, including delay beeps
  • Built-in RFID proximity reader for arming/disarming with cards & tags
  • The combination of buttonswith status indicators provide the ultimate intuitive user interface, which definitely out-performs the competition

Rosslare’s KE-30 wireless keypad was designed to minimize installation time and enhance user experience. The unit’s innovative, bi-directional RF technology and unique interface provides both remote real-time system status and remote command options. Operation is simple and intuitive, with smart buttons that combine arm and disarm functionalities with illumination and sound indicators, and a unique semi-opaque lens area display for alarm-in-memory, and trouble functions.

Advanced Features:

  • Status indicators for arming, disarming, bypass, trouble, and alarm-in-memory
  • Combined emergency call function keys 1 + 3
  • Audio indicators for entry/exit delay beeps, key beeps, and operator confirmation
  • Case tamper and smart wall tamper protection
  • Patent keypad door lock

KE-30 is compatible with Rosslare’s HomeLogiX, SecuraCare, and Aurasys control panels (with wireless expansion). Light, compact, and elegantly designed, it is the perfect addition to our Home Security and Small Business Security solutions.