Southwest Microwave offers three-year warranty protection

TEMPE, AZ - Southwest Microwave has announced that effective February 1, 2009, the company has introduced a comprehensive two-year Extended Warranty on its perimeter security systems. Coupled with the company’s standard one-year Warranty coverage, this new program, provided at no additional cost to the customer, offers three years of Warranty protection on Southwest Microwave equipment from date of original shipment.

"We are excited to be able to offer users of our systems an additional reason to choose Southwest Microwave for their perimeter intrusion detection needs," said Bob Kirkaldie, Director of Marketing and Sales for the company’s Security Systems division.

"By backing our equipment with three years of Warranty coverage, we are reinforcing the level to which we stand behind the systems we produce and sell," he explained.

This extended coverage further compliments Southwest Microwave’s industry-leading support programs – from complimentary applications consulting and system design, commissioning services and monthly technical certification classes to reliable installation and maintenance through a global network of certified systems integrators – all of which uniquely differentiate the company from other providers in the sector.

"I encourage those in the market for perimeter protection to carefully consider three things; the feature set of the system being evaluated, the experience of the systems provider and the level of support they are able - or willing - to offer," Kirkaldie challenged.

"Users of our products trust the unique capabilities and long-term reliability of our sensors, but as importantly, have chosen Southwest Microwave for the value-added extras that we provide. Three years of warranty protection simply broadens this value-to-investment ratio, and offers peace of mind to new users as our product and service set become proven entities within their organizations."

Since 1971, Southwest Microwave has been a trusted global supplier of perimeter detection technologies, including microwave fence and buried sensors that locate intrusion attempts to within three meters and security management tools that integrate a facility’s complete perimeter security program.