Idesco readers used for office building in Poland

Idesco's Access Quattro access control readers have been chosen for a security system in the Rondo office building in Poland.

Rondo building is a high standard office building located in the financial district of Warsaw, Poland. The building has 40 floors, 75 000 square meters office space and an underground garage with over 500 parking spaces.

The security system of the building, supplied by IDCS from Belgium and installed by Dyskret from Poland, must integrate different security applications: Access Control, Visitor Control, Intruder Detection, Digital Video, Car Park Control and Elevator Control.

Idesco's access control readers are used in this building as a part of the access control system with many high standard security features. These customized Access Silver Quattro readers are designed directly for this project. "We made the choice for Idesco's readers because of their high standard products and their ability to customize just the right solution to meet our requirements, says Jacek Ozarowski, Product Manager, Dyskret. Idesco's readers are also known for their design and therefore they suit well in this kind of modern office environment.

Idesco provides secure and scalable identification solutions that are designed to meet the business demands of our customers. We offer solutions for access control, automated vehicle identification and other industrial and logistics applications. Our scalable and versatile solutions help you to build secure, cost-effective and user-friendly identification systems that bring the benefits of RFID technology straight to your business. We create identification solutions that keep your business running.

IDCS, located in the north-east of Belgium, has been founded in 1987 with as main objective: Integrated Security Systems for applications with high security demands in medium to high sized projects.

One system for different applications: Access Control – Intruder detection and technical alarms – Digital Video recording – Visitor Control – Guard Tour Control – Presence Control – Private Car Park Control –Time and Attendance.

Dyskret Ltd is a privately-owned liability company that has been conducting its business activities in the security systems area since 1988. For a number of years now, we have ranked among the leading Polish companies in this market sector. Our company has been specializing in the design, installation and integration of various technical solutions that can provide comprehensive technical security for all types of buildings. The integration allows many systems in any facility to be centrally controlled within one homogenous security management system.