G4S, PPM 2000 integrate solutions

Edmonton, AB and Palm Beach Gardens, FL—February 24, 2011—G4S plc and PPM 2000 Inc., established industry leaders who share a commitment to leading edge technology and innovative security management solutions, today announced the integration between G4S’s Secure Trax security and safety management system and PPM’s Perspective incident reporting and case management software. The new incident management solution provides organizations with a better way to capture, notify and manage data for trending, risk mitigation and planning.

With Secure Trax, G4S Security Officers have the ability to perform safety and facility inspections, interact in real-time with a customer’s command and control center, and capture incidents and provide immediate notifications through the use of a wireless device. Secure Trax’s portfolio of business applications provides organizations with a strategic platform that delivers advanced security and safety risk mitigation capabilities.

With Perspective, organizations benefit from a single enterprise system where they can capture and report data relative to incidents, investigations and cases. Management can intelligently action and query the data. With the ability to accurately assess what is happening and its potential impact, they can make informed decisions that optimize performance, mitigate risk and illustrate the overall effectiveness of the security operation.

On its own, each of these systems serves a definitive purpose. Combine the two, and an organization has an end-to-end option that manages an incident from occurrence to analysis. It is a seamless integration that leverages the power of the independent applications… where the functionality of one ends, the other begins.

"G4S and PPM have put together a compelling incident management solution that ties the resourcefulness and immediacy of guard force personnel with management’s need for in-depth incident records that facilitate analysis and corrective action," remarked Brian McIlravey, CPP, PPM’s Co-CEO. "It starts with the gathering of incident details in Secure Trax and ends with follow-up case management and incident analysis in Perspective. It’s a logical integration that meets the day-to-day needs of our mutual clients—organizations that want to take advantage of the synergies between their disparate incident systems, bringing together like data and reducing duplication."

"This is a smart solution that is focused on delivering maximum value to our shared customers. It offers a seamless, end-to-end solution that combines all the powerful features of Secure Trax and Perspective to deliver our clients with an unmatched enterprise security and safety management platform," said Brian McCabe; Chief Business Development Officer of G4S America’s Region.

Initially driven by the request of a single client, news of the integration is being met with enthusiasm from the many organizations that use both applications. When asked for his feedback, a senior vice president for a major financial institution replied, "We chose G4S and PPM because they represent the best in their respective categories—security services and case management. Tying them together gives us a multiplier effect, saving time and resources across the board."

The Secure Trax / Perspective integration is available to any organization that uses both systems. Call G4S or PPM to find out more.