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Stanley completes Global Design Center in China

Shenzhen, China – March 29, 2010 - Stanley Security Solutions Asia, a business of Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., recently announced the completion of the Global Design Center in Shenzhen, China. Led by Jeff Chen, President of Stanley Asia and Vice President of Stanley Global and Garrison Zong, President of Stanley Security Solutions Asia, the Global Design Center will become an innovative and advanced addition to Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.’s Mechanical Access engineering capacity in the global market.

The Global Design Center team will work closely with the Stanley Security Solutions’ United States engineering group to focus on the development of three types of products in the Asian market: consumer hardware, doors and locks. The Research and Development center housed within the Global Design Center will also strengthen Stanley Security Solution's efforts in delivering more relevant, localized and quality products to customers in Asia. The Center will be equipped with advanced computer workstations and sophisticated engineering design and analysis software shared under the same intralink engineering database with the United States.

Within the Global Design Center, a global test lab will also enable faster product development through material micro-structure analysis, function testing, environmental testing and BHMA life cycle testing.

"The goal of the Global Design Center is to increase Stanley Security Solutions Asia’s capacity for mechanical security product engineering by approximately 20%," states Jeff Chen, President of Stanley Asia and Vice President of Stanley Global. "The center will bring new technologies to the commercial security and home hardware market in Asia."

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