Flir unveils new Guardsman handheld thermal camera

Portland, OR – January 22, 2010 – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:FLIR), the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal security cameras, announced the launch of its revolutionary Guardsman handheld thermal security camera at the ISC West show in Las Vegas.
The Guardsman gives security professionals affordable, high-quality thermal camera that lets them see clearly in total darkness, providing an undeniable tactical advantage.

In addition to giving every security professional the power to see in total darkness, Guardsman provides both grey scale and color thermal imaging, and can display a digital temperature readout of objects in the cross-hair.

Using the same technology popular with law enforcement and military units around the world, Guardsman provides the information people need to maximize operational effectiveness, respond quickly, and stay safe.

Using a 320 × 240 thermal imaging core, Guardsman provides four times the image clarity and detail of earlier systems, allowing security officers to see more of their surroundings than any other night vision technology in the world. FLIR’s advanced image-processing algorithms produce, crisp, clear thermal video day and night, in good weather and bad.

Guardsman has two available lenses, 24° and 7°, and a 2× lens extender option for the 24° lens, providing maximum imaging flexibility and giving security officers the ability to see where no fixed site or pan/tilt camera can, filling in the gaps of any camera network.

To learn more about Guardsman, visit FLIR’s ISC West booth # 18063, or visit