Videx launches two new smart key cabinets

Corvallis, Oregon, March 29, 2010—Videx ( announces two smart key cabinets: CyberKey Vault and CyberKey Vault 20. Built with rugged metal housings, the key cabinets provide three layers of key security: secure access to the key cabinet, secure access to individually programmed keys, and an audit report sent to management of each key’s lock openings and unauthorized attempts to enter.

CyberKeys that are stored in the cabinets contain no permissions to open locks. When an employee needs a key, their RFID card or correct PIN must be entered to open the cabinet and entered again to request a key to be programmed and released. The key that is released contains the access permissions they need to do their job: what locks they may open, and when they may open them.

At the end of the day, when the employee returns their electronic key to the cabinet, an audit trail of their entire key and lock activity is downloaded to the software. After the cabinet reports back to the software, the key automatically returns to an un-programmed state. It remains in this un-programmed state until another authorized employee presents the required RFID card or PIN identification.

The economics of the CyberKey Vaults are very attractive. Inexpensive RFID cards are used to access the cabinets and the electronic key. The electronic keys can be shared by any number of employees. This sharing of keys and dispensing them automatically is an efficient, cost-saving way to manage an organization’s resources while at the same time increasing security. In addition, a ring of mechanical keys can be attached to a CyberKey for safekeeping in the cabinets. Any CyberKey that has been docked in a cabinet cannot be forcibly removed without destroying the key.

CyberKey Vaults communicate with CyberLock access management software and can be installed in any location that has a network connection so a key can be quickly updated with an employee’s access permissions. A single system can manage multiple key cabinets. The CyberKey Vaults are the newest addition to an extended family of CyberLock products.