GVI Security launches new DVR

CARROLLTON, TEXAS – February 26, 2009 – SAMSUNG | GVI Security today announced that its new SHR-8000 Series DVRs let users simultaneously review playback in real time while recording in real time. The new DVRs achieve real time Full D1 resolution at 480IPS high quality recording for any demanding security application. With Net-I, the free, user-friendly client software, users have the convenience of high definition video display while recording live real time video onto a hard disk. With the standalone DVRs, users can control the entire video system and pan-tilt-zoom any camera on the network.

"In all too many instances, DVRs are over-priced, over-powered and overly complex for the application, causing confusion on the part of the integrator and his customer," warns Steve Walin, SAMSUNG | GVI Security. "Combined with Net-I, this DVR series is a very attractive, lower cost alternative to a PC-based DVR. Contrary to expensive, complex PC-based DVR systems, we developed the SHR-8000 Series DVRs to provide the fast, real time recording customers want but with easy installation and simple operation. They provide the fastest possible recording time but with a lower, budget-stretching price. These are exactly the types of DVRs the great majority of customer applications require."

The new SHR-8000 Series DVRs also incorporate other outstanding features. With the new DVRs, users can undertake web-based monitoring and searches from any authorized PC on the network. The units provide disk storage of 500 GB SATA HDD standard of 6x 1TB HDD capacity. The built-in DVD-RW option lets users store 4.7 GB per disk. For easy installation, the DVRs also include simultaneous BNC output, VGA/BNC output and HDMI.

The new SAMSUNG | GVI Security SHR-8000 DVRs are available now.