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Pelco to showcase new products at ASIS 2009

Clovis, CA (September 15, 2009) – A leader in the manufacturing of video and security equipment, Pelco is pleased to announce many new products, which will all be exhibited at the ASIS International show next week in Anaheim, California. The following are among the new products slated for display at the show (Pelco booth No. 1901, Hall C):

High Definition Dome Cameras

Setting a new standard of performance and usability for HD IP dome systems, the new Pelco Sarix ID Series Mega-Performance cameras feature SD to HD resolutions, exceptional lowlight performance, Auto Back Focus, accurate color, H.264 compression, and analytics.

Compact, powerful and surprisingly affordable, the new Sarix IM Series Mini Indoor Fixed Network Dome includes the most popular features and functionality of Sarix technology. These 1.3 megapixel or standard-definition cameras deliver best-in-class low light performance, H.264 compression, consistent color science and more.

A new firmware update for the popular Sarix IX megapixel camera series will also be on display at the show. The new update offers increased camera performance on extended platform models to 1080p 30 images a second with H.264 compression. It also offers additional features for all Sarix-based cameras of motion detection and advanced image sharpening. Users can also now run simultaneous analytics without having to lower resolution or images per second.

Full HD Displays

Pelco Full HD LCD Displays help customers make the most of their megapixel investment, delivering optimal monitor performance, improved response time, and higher resolution, with sharper, brighter images. Smart thermal management reduces component stress while ensuring reliable 24/7 operation. The lightweight aluminum frame is much more rugged than plastic consumer models. Built-in handholds allow for ease of installation.

Enhanced Video Control and Management through Endura 2.1

With the addition of the HD Video Console Display and HD Video Decoder, Endura 2.1 brings improved ease of use and efficiency to your video surveillance solution. These new components and the inherent scalability built into the Endura architecture, the surveillance room can be as simple or as complicated as need be to fulfill a customer’s requirements.

Two additional Endura components extend Pelco’s commitment to open and integrated systems. The UDI5000 (Universal Device Interface) overcomes the complexities, limitations, and traditional headaches of adding and licensing third-party cameras to a video management system. The NSM5200F (Network Storage Manager with Fiber Channel interface) allows customers to connect third-party storage to extend retention times while consolidating storage platforms. The next step in high quality, end-to-end HD video, Endura 2.1 is the solution you’ve been looking for.

DS Video Management Software now more powerful than ever

Digital Sentry video management system software gives end users the openness and flexibility to configure solutions to meet their requirements — and the power to control it all through a single user interface. Now, in its most recent version (4.2), Digital Sentry brings support for NET Series encoders, Sarix-based IP cameras, and KDB300 Keyboards from Pelco. In keeping with Pelco’s commitment to open and integrated systems, DS supports a growing list of third-party IP devices.

See What’s Possible with our Partners

From access control to point of sale, from third-party camera and recording support to analytics and more, Pelco is aggressively working with manufacturers and other solutions providers to supply the industry with the tools they need for success. Already working with more than 85 partner companies, Pelco continues to reach out across the marketplace to identify and develop unique tools for today’s video security professionals.

The Pelco booth will also feature enhanced versions of Sarix IX series cameras, DVR5100, DX4100, and the 200, 300, and 400 series of Pelco displays.