PPM 2000 launches Perspective Focal Point

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada—September 15, 2009—PPM 2000, the global leader in Incident Reporting and Investigation Management software, announces the expansion of their Perspective solution to include Focal Point, an integrated business intelligence and performance measurement tool powered by QlikView.

With Perspective by PPM 2000, organizations have access to a single enterprise platform for incident, investigation and case management. With Focal Point, they gain access to a business intelligence tool that presents their data in a series of preconfigured charts and graphs. Focal Point’s integration with QlikView and its award-winning visualization and point-and-click technology means that all of the comprehensive formulas and queries are built into the application. As a result, corporate security executives and senior management can instantly view a dashboard of key metrics or drill down through a series of dynamic charts and graphs for trend identification, risk reporting and performance management.

As stated by Elaine O’Sullivan, PPM 2000’s Vice-President of Marketing & Communications, “Focal Point comes out of the box with the dials and gauges a security manager needs to monitor the health of their department. Other trending and risk reporting tools are available, but they can be complex and difficult to use. With Focal Point, what can take days or weeks to prepare using conventional queries and reports is instantly available in a series of dynamic charts and graphs.”

Adds Brian McIlravey, CPP, PPM 2000’s Vice-President of Business Development & Professional Services, “There are numerous articles and white papers that define the metrics required for security and risk management. Focal Point is the only tool on the market that delivers them—instantly and in a dynamic format that allows for further drill-down data analysis. Many talk about business intelligence for security. Focal Point IS business intelligence for security.”

With Perspective Focal Point, corporate security gains access to an interactive dashboard of incident and loss data and a powerful analytical tool for uncovering areas of concern and sudden trends. The adequacy of current controls can be assessed, and timely countermeasures can be implemented.

“By empowering their customers with meaningful analysis, PPM 2000 is truly delivering differentiated value that builds loyalty and satisfaction,” said Peter McQuade, Vice-President of Alliances at QlikTech. “The combination of the Perspective incident and investigation reporting solution and QlikView analysis changes business intelligence for the security industry by putting answers into the hands of security professionals, allowing them to explore data intuitively and on their own.”