Genetec releases Synergis 3.0

Saint-Laurent, Canada, September 15, 2009 – Genetec, a leader in innovative security and public safety solutions, proudly announces the release of the latest version of its IP access control solution, Synergis. With this latest release, Synergis is now fully embedded within Genetec’s unified security platform, the Security Center. Released in early September, the Security Center is a revolutionary platform that seamlessly unifies various security systems within a single solution.

Customers who install or upgrade to Synergis 3.0 can expect to take advantage of a variety of new features such as a new user interface for monitoring and reporting, Microsoft Active Directory integration, and the Federation feature for creating very large virtual systems consisting of multiple access control systems. More so, Synergis 3.0 offers users an advanced and very granular set of access control privileges, an easy-to-use graphical custom card format tool, and many more innovative features.

Synergis 3.0 leverages the power of the Security Desk, the Security Center’s unified interface for access control and video surveillance by allowing operators to reach the highest levels of productivity. Through innovative concepts such as a simplified interface, an operator task-oriented approach, widgets, and a dynamically adaptive interface, the Security Desk is one of the most innovative and intuitive user interfaces in the industry.

With an enhanced set of user privileges, Synergis 3.0 allows end users to customize the management of cardholders, cardholder groups, visitors, and credentials to meet their specific needs. Through dozens of privileges ranging from cardholder–to-card association to cardholder status information, security departments can tailor the product based on their internal security processes and create workflows that are closely aligned to the individual responsibilities of their operators, ensuring a higher level of security across the board.

In addition, to meet the needs of customers with enterprise-class systems, Synergis now supports Active Directory integration for logical and physical security convergence as well as Federation for monitoring multiple independent Synergis systems from a central location.

When enabled, Active Directory becomes the centralized means of linking Windows user accounts with the Synergis cardholder population. Adding or disabling a Windows user account will automatically update Synergis, thereby eliminating any human intervention and potential errors. The end result of this automation is an increased level of security as physical access rights of employees are automatically assigned or removed following changes in Active Directory.

With Federation, Synergis is also able to create large virtual systems composed of multiple independent sites. Security departments can then easily monitor multiple geographically-dispersed sites from a single location. Ultimately, Federation can produce savings that result from consolidating operations, requiring fewer resources and gains in efficiency at monitoring large systems.

“Synergis 3.0 once again confirms Genetec’s commitment to providing our customers with an enterprise-class IP access control system,” says Jimmy Palatsoukas, Senior Product Manager at Genetec. “Further to providing high-end functionality such as Active Directory integration and Federation, Synergis provides customers with the tools to customize the product to their internal business processes and workflows. This ensures that customers can adapt the product to their own specific needs and not the other way around.”