Feeling Software to launch new version of Omnipresence 3D at ASIS

One successful year after the launch of the Omnipresence 3D, Feeling Software returns to ASIS with a much expanded version of its Common Operating Picture application. The new product suite, named Omnipresence 3D Security Platform, will be demonstrated in Feeling Software's booth #753, and ESRI booth #441, as a partner showcase, at ASIS 2010 in Dallas, Texas.

With an ever-growing number of networked but incompatible systems, security and public safety officials have a unique challenge: how can they maintain a Common Operating Picture? Disparate provide no situational awareness to the operator. Omnipresence 3D Security Platform solves this problem with a modular and scalable architecture, built to integrate legacy and best-of-breed 3rd party systems into the single, coherent 3D interface of Omnipresence 3D Central Command.

"When we first launched Omnipresence 3D, we solved the problems of how operators could follow suspects with ease across an entire facility, and never need to memorize the locations of cameras, by integrating 3D maps and video surveillance," said Christian Laforte, President and CEO of Feeling Software. "In the feedback we received over the past year, we learned that users saw enormous potential of Omnipresence 3D as the primary interface for all of their security and safety systems. At ASIS we will demonstrate a unified system to efficiently monitor and control all your systems: video surveillance, access control, fire alarms, gunshot detection, CBRNE, GPS, radar, and more."

With a new modular architecture and a powerful alarm management system, the Omnipresence 3D Security Platform now serves the needs of security directors and public safety officials to create an action-oriented Common Operating Picture. Following critical acclaim of its 2009 ASIS launch of Omnipresence 3D, Feeling Software returns to ASIS 2010 with Omnipresence 3D Security Platform, Version 2.5, a full suite of applications, including:

- Omnipresence 3D Central Command (Common Operating Picture visualization module)
- Omnipresence 3D Pro Design (3D Security Planning module)
- Omnipresence 3D GeoLink (GIS integration module, for pubic safety applications)
- Omnipresence 3D License Plate Recognition
- iGuard Mobile

Feeling Software will also be demonstrating Omnipresence 3D GeoLink at ESRI's booth (#441). Via GeoLink, data from ESRI ArcGIS Server(tm) is streamed directly into the Security Platform. Public safety and security practitioners leverage the information created by the GIS department to deploy a Common Operating Picture, linking macro city- or state-wide maps with 3D building floor plans at the micro level. This ensures that data is not duplicated, and that it is always kept up to date and consistent between all departments and operations centers.

Highlighted Benefits of Omnipresence 3D Security Platform

- Monitor and control disparate existing security systems in one unified interface
- Effortless tracking of suspects before and after an alert, such as a gunshot
- Immersive 3D: see videos in 3D as if you were flying over in a helicopter and could see through roofs
- GIS integration, e.g. localize hazmats, blue forces
- Scalable to 1000's of cameras, sensors and control equipment
- Seamlessly navigate to view an entire state, city, or street down to single floor
- TIVO-like time-control for faster investigations