High-Lites introduces universal, fast transfer AC power systems

Wallingford, Connecticut – High-Lites has recently introduced its new PFT Series of universal, fast transfer AC inverter systems. PFT systems were designed to accommodate small-to-medium-sized projects requiring emergency power back-up to AC power loads or illumination sources including incandescent, fluorescent, LED or HID. Unlike ballast packs, the PFT Series provides highly reliable emergency power sine wave output to any connected load or fixture without compatibility concerns.

Three unique models are available allowing the PFT to be specified for any small or mid-sized application up to 600 watts. Additionally, the PFT system’s small size, quiet operation and easy installation allows their application virtually anywhere.


- PWM design – Digitally controlled sinusoidal waveform assures fast, smooth and reliable
transfer to emergency power
- Worry-free operation of all AC loads including Incandescent, fluorescent, LED and HID
lighting eliminating the compatibility concerns of other back-up systems
- 100% compatibility with generators and dimmer systems
- Designed for fast, easy wall mounting, PFT systems may be installed next to connected loads,
or hundreds of feet away
- Installer-friendly design eliminates the need for factory start-up
- Three PFT models with unique Watts to VA ratio rating are designed especially to handle
today’s small HID lamps – 300Watts/330VA; 400Watts/660VA, and 600Watts/660 VA
- Simple LED interface panel indicates system operation and readiness at all times
- 3 year warranty