Bosch’s Blue Line achieves milestone

Bosch Security Systems’ Blue Line intrusion detector series recently achieved over a million sales since the series’ launch in 2004 in EMEA countries. The success of the series is chiefly attributable to its clever electronics and smart motion detection that together dramatically increase detection rates and cut false alarms. For users such as householders and shop and office owners concerned with break-ins, this means far greater peace-of-mind.

For installers too, the series has been an attractive option thanks to the fact that they can offer their customers a complete security solution from a choice of just five detector units, including single and dual passive infrared (PIR) detectors and combined PIR and microwave detectors. Color camera modules, a sounder module and a motion-activated LED “night light” module are also available to provide extra functionally. The sounder attaches to the detector to reduce the amount of security hardware and wiring required.

The smart motion detection is based on Bosch’s advanced First Step Processing (FSP) technology that intelligently analyzes motion and differentiates human targets from other sources of motion such as plant movement. Depending on the Blue Line model installed, it is also possible to rule out alarms from family pets or guard dogs, ensuring that only valid alarms are triggered, avoiding nuisance calls that could undermine faith in the system.

Blue Line detectors also offer an attractive design and come in a neutral color that blends in easily with their environment.