Visonic launches visual alarm verification solution

Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless home security and safety systems and components, has launched RealAlarm, a home security solution that provides a complete answer for effective visual alarm verification. Visonic’s RealAlarm enables central monitoring stations to accurately assess the situation inside the premises in the event of an alarm and immediately establish whether it is a real emergency or a false alarm. This eliminates unnecessary site checks – ultimately saving time and expenses and protecting field staff from potentially dangerous situations.

High false alarm rates – estimated at 90% of alarm events or even higher – are a serious problem as they drain monitoring service providers’ time and resources. Moreover, in some areas, law enforcement authorities are imposing a strict “no response unless verified” approach and in some countries alarm verification is required by law.

The RealAlarm solution includes Visonic's innovative NEXT CAM device–a PIR motion detector coupled with a camera in a single housing. When detection occurs the camera is triggered automatically and captures clear images, day or night. These images are immediately sent to the central monitoring station. Based on these images security staff can make intelligent decisions as to how to respond to an alarm.

Increased control; reduced monitoring costs

As a result, RealAlarm gives monitoring stations better control over real intrusion events. Visual information allows the situation to be assessed prior to notifying the relevant authorities. This means all respondents are better informed and prepared to take appropriate actions upon arrival at the event location. In addition, RealAlarm helps central monitoring stations provide authorities with proof of an emergency situation in the form of images and event-related details.

Security and privacy

RealAlarm is active at all times but the PIR camera only captures and transmits images when an alarm is activated. This means that homeowners get the best of both worlds - privacy and security.

"With more and more law enforcement authorities demanding verification before following up on an alarm, RealAlarm provides the perfect solution for homeowners and central monitoring stations alike," commented Laila Arad-Alan, VP Marketing at Visonic. "Homeowners retain their privacy while having the peace of mind that when there is an emergency, the authorities will be on their way. Central monitoring stations save the costs of responding to false alarms and also gain confidence knowing their staff will no longer enter a dangerous situation unprepared."

Advanced home security technology for robustness and reliability

Based on Visonic’s innovative PowerG RF technology and new PowerMaster alarm system, RealAlarm delivers a much longer battery life, greater transmission range, robustness to interferences, and simpler installation process. Two-way wireless Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology provides robustness and reliability closer than ever to wired systems. A huge transmission range (2000m / 6000ft line of sight) covers significantly larger premises than traditional systems, without repeaters. Highly secured AES-128 encrypted wireless communication surpasses the most demanding industry standards.