Azalea Networks announces launch of MIMO-based mobile broadband wireless mesh solution

Milpitas, California – March 29, 2010 – Azalea Networks, the leading innovator in mobile wireless mesh networking equipment and technology, today pre-announced the launch of its new 802.11n MIMO based Azalea MSR series (MSR1000, MST200, MSR2000 and MSR4000) multi-radio wireless routers. The new MSR Series WiFi mesh routers, featuring up to four radios per router and an unprecedented industry leading throughput of up to one Gigabit per second per router, will be available in the second calendar quarter of this year.

The new class of 802.11n MIMO based WiFi routers with unparalleled price performance from Azalea Networks will provide compelling video surveillance infrastructure and solutions for a broad range of vertical industries in North America and International markets. The Azalea focused clientele includes municipality public safety, housing authorities, enterprise and higher education campus networks, transportation (airport, port authorities), logistics, power utilities and smart grid, oil and gas, and other emerging vertical industries.

Felix Zhao, Co-CEO managing the North America and International Operations, proclaimed the accelerated global growth momentum of Azalea Networks at ISC West 2010 last week: "Azalea Networks has continued to spearhead high growth in all markets including North America and International markets including Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America regions, especially in the China and Japan markets. We have received extremely positive and encouraging feedback from our key partners and customers with deployments ranging from video surveillance, municipal WiFi access to wireless backhaul applications. In North America, we will continue to be fully committed to providing the best–in-class video surveillance solution to serve the specific security needs of our customers. This will be anchored by our strategic expansion in the channel coverage through the distribution and integration partners."

Azalea Networks offers the mobile broadband WiFi mesh solution with the best price performance in the market, providing key technology advances and differentiation with eighteen pending patents, five of which have been approved in the United States. These advances include highly scalable outdoor and indoor mesh network of over thousand nodes enabled by AWT (Adaptive Wireless Routing) layer 3 routing technology; broadcast video quality over wireless with AVT (Active Video Transport); seamless mobility with MOTRIX and delivering superior price performance with its leading multi radio multi channel technology.

Azalea Video Surveillance Technology

The Azalea broadband wireless network infrastructure provides wireless video surveillance superior to any other wireless solution. The Active Video Transport system delivers the best available video quality for video surveillance cameras, monitors and recording systems. Additional advantages include support for long-range directional links, seamless roaming for mobile cameras and monitors, high security, prioritized QoS to accommodate other applications, and the superior scalability and load-balancing afforded by Adaptive Wireless Routing. Azalea’s patented technology allows video, voice, or data to follow the most efficient path over a wireless network. For a video demonstration of AVT technology, visit