RASILENT Systems, Intel form strategic alliance

Sunnyvale, Calif. – Sept. 15, 2009 – RASILIENT Systems, Inc., a technology leader of video surveillance storage platforms and system software announced today that it has successfully integrated Intel Corporation’s Intel Modular Server built on Intel Multi-Flex Technology with its new RASILIENT PixelStor line of IPSAN storage product into a turnkey video surveillance solution.

Developed for the video surveillance market, RASILIENT PixelStor is a high performance, scalable, robust and cost effective IPSAN that addresses the numerous challenges normally found in large or high-resolution video surveillance deployments. At ASIS 2009, the company will demonstrate the power of the RASILIENT PixelStor by simulating a very large camera deployment application. The demonstration will consist of one Intel® Modular Server with six internal compute modules running MileStone NVR (Network Video Recorder) software and using the RASILIENT PixelStor as the primary storage. The MileStone NVR server modules are connected to the RASILIENT PixelStor via an integrated Intel switch. An Axis 207 network camera feeding into an Axis camera simulator will simulate 400 cameras streaming constant bit rate MJPEG at 4CIF (704 x 576) and 30 fps, or roughly 400 MB/s of random video data being written onto the RASILIENT PixelStor.

The base RASILIENT PixelStor unit is a 2U, 12 bay storage appliance that can sustain transfer rates up to 500 MB/s (significantly faster than standard IT storage products), is scalable from 9 to 168 TB, and features easy system management, full redundancy, hot swap capability, virtual connectivity, sophisticated mirrored and path failover capabilities that provide best-in-class system fault tolerance. RASILIENT PixelStor provides a low cost, highly reliable and scalable storage consolidation alternative for large DVR/NVR applications, capable of extending video retention periods from days to months.

When integrated by system builders into a complete server system, the Intel Modular Server building blocks have the ability to support up to six server Compute Modules as well as two Ethernet switch modules, integrated shared storage with redundant RAID and a management module. The Compute Modules support the latest quad and dual-core Intel Xeon processors in a two-socket motherboard.

“We are very pleased to have successfully integrated the Intel Modular Server with our RASILIENT PixelStor in providing a unique shared storage solution that is ideally suited for large camera and megapixel video surveillance deployments,” said RASILIENT Systems President and CEO Sean Chang. “The fully turnkey storage solution with its optimized set of severs, switches, applications and storage, provides the perfect platform to eliminate the capacity and performance issues related to scaling large multi-DVR/NVR deployments, significantly lowering the total-cost-of-ownership by reducing initial CapEx and OpEx expenditures, and reducing lifetime and ongoing administrative costs.”

“The Intel Modular Server, powered by Intel Multi-Flex technology, is an ideal building block to help organizations scale their video surveillance performance requirements,” added Jared Leavitt, Worldwide Product Manager at Intel. “Combined with RASILIENT PixelStor, each turnkey building block has a predefined performance and retention period. To scale, users need only to replicate each building block, affording an easy-to-deploy roadmap for scalable and consolidated storage management, eliminating the mix-and-match interoperability and performance headaches associated with larger deployments.”

Technology demonstrations of the RASILIENT PixelStor system will be available for attendees of ASIS 2009 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., from Sept. 21st - 23rd. RASILIENT Systems will be located at Booth Number 2147. Representatives from both companies will be available during the demonstration. For more information about storage solutions from RASILIENT Systems, visit www.rasilient.com or call (408) 731-3580.

General availability of the RASILIENT PixelStor will start in the 4th quarter of 2009.