ObjectVideo presents at major conferences

ObjectVideo, the leader in intelligent video, has been invited to present at six major conferences this year – including the largest security show in the world –clearly demonstrating the company's position as an industry thought leader. A strong cross section of ObjectVideo experts are speaking on a wide variety of topics from business to research & development to implementation.

Bob Cutting, ObjectVideo's vice president of product management, was a keynote speaker at the Global Digital Surveillance Forum Asia conference in China last month, where he discussed "Flexibility: The Secret to Deploying Intelligent Systems." Cutting also was a panel member and speaker at ISC West this spring, discussing the topic "Video Analytics: Gathering Business Intelligence with Existing Infrastructure."

Edward Troha, ObjectVideo's managing director of global marketing, will present at the China Public Security Exhibition in Shenzhen, China, the world's largest security show, which expects more than 60,000 attendees. Troha will present "Maximizing the Benefits of Intelligent Video in a Difficult World Economy."

Krishnan Ramnath, ObjectVideo senior researcher, will discuss ongoing research in the area of portable surveillance systems at the upcoming Ninth IEEE International Workshop on Visual Surveillance in Kyoto, Japan. The presentation will be based on the paper "A Portable Geo-Aware Visual Surveillance System for Vehicles," by Geoffrey Taylor, Atul Kanaujia, Krishnan Ramnath and Niels Haering.

Also, at the IEEE Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance conference in Genoa, Italy in September, Niels Haering, director of government science development, will discuss "What would you pay for automated video analysis?" The presentation reviews current video analysis efforts in the US, Europe and Asia and invites academic and industry feedback on the topic in the subsequent discussion session.

At this year's ACM MultiMedia conference in Beijing, Asaad Hakeem, senior researcher for ObjectVideo, will explore the next-generation of video search applications, technology that further bridges the gap between science and enhanced usability in the commercial world. The paper entitled "Semantic Video Search using Natural Language Queries" is authored by Asaad Hakeem, Mun Wai Lee, Omar Javed and Niels Haering.

Results of the collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and ObjectVideo will be presented at this year's IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision in Kyoto, Japan. The paper presents progress toward "Background Subtraction for Freely Moving Cameras," and is co-authored by Omar Javed from ObjectVideo and Yaser Sheikh and Takeo Kanade from CMU.