Bosch unveils new IP camera

Fairport, N.Y. – Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, has introduced the NBC-255-P IP Camera, a compact camera that functions as a complete network surveillance system. The camera comes ready to use and requires no additional equipment for recording video – making it easy for small businesses to afford and install a professional surveillance system for monitoring their property.

As a stand-alone system, the Bosch NBC-255-P can record several days of video using a Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card plugged into the camera. Helping to save costs, efficient H.264 image compression reduces video storage requirements by up to 30 percent compared with traditional surveillance technology.

The new camera is designed to be easy to install and operate for retail and other small business owners. It comes complete with a varifocal lens for focus adjustments and delivers sharp, clear color images. Video from individual cameras can be viewed directly from the SD card or from multiple cameras through a simple Web browser. Free surveillance software is also included for remote PC playback. Users can monitor multiple cameras on one screen, search video for motion, and archive important clips using the software provided. Only a single cable connection is needed to view video and power and control the camera.

With built-in motion, tamper and audio detection, the camera keeps watch over an area while customers focus their attention on the most important aspects of running a business. These features can be used to automatically trigger actions, such as setting off an alarm to alert users to a security risk and increasing recording quality to capture extra details. Two-way audio also allows customers to communicate with visitors and employees or to speak to an intruder.

For larger or growing video systems, the NBC-255-P easily integrates with the Bosch Divar XF Hybrid Digital Video Recorder. The NBC-255-P camera also helps users save on future upgrade or migration costs through compliance with the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard, which provides compatibility with other surveillance products.

The NBC-255 IP Camera is the first offering in the new 200 Series of all-in-one IP cameras from Bosch. For more information about the NBC-255 IP Camera, visit