Bosch introduces two new devices to 420 Interface Module Series

Bosch Security Systems is introducing two new devices to its 420 Interface Module Series for use with the latest and improved version of the company’s well-known Local Security Network (LSN) bus for Bosch Fire Panels.

The Octo-input Interface Module with Relay features 8 inputs and one relay, and is capable of monitoring up to eight independent inputs with or without end-of-line resistance as they can be needed e.g. for mimic panels. It also features a changeover contact relay for providing a potential-free output contact (for loads up to 30 V DC/ 2 A).

The Octo-relay Interface Module Low Voltage features eight changeover contact relays for providing potential-free output contacts (also for loads up to 30 V DC/ 2 A).

When connected to the Series Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series, the new interface modules take full advantage of the new functionality introduced by the company’s LSN improved version bus. For example, they enable flexible network structures, including T-tapping — without any need for additional components and with up to 254 LSN optimized elements per loop or T-off. They also allow the use of unshielded cable and are compatible with existing LSN systems and control panels.

Common to all modules in the 420 Series is a robust, installer-friendly housing with the electronics encapsulated inside. Like all other LSN devices, the interface modules include a short circuit isolator able to keep the line open on either side. In the event of a short circuit or line interruption in the LSN loop, a fault message is sent to the control panel. Moreover, even if a loop should develop a short circuit, the connected elements will continue to function.

These new interface module versions also support the new wiring topologies possible with the LSN improved version bus, which can now include complex stub structures. In configurations of this kind, short-circuit isolators have to be inserted at certain branching points.

Bosch’s 420 Series Interface Modules belong to a new product generation. For surface-mount installations the modules come in a stylish surface-mount box.