Datacard unveils new solutions

Minnetonka, MN — November 3, 2008 — Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, today unveiled a powerful combination of technologies designed to improve small batch processing and quality assurance for card issuers at the CARTES & IDentification 2008 exhibition. Together, the Datacard Artista VHD retransfer color printing module and the vision verification module for the Datacard MX6000 card issuance system enable financial card issuers, government agencies and other high-volume card issuers to achieve substantial gains in efficiency.

"High-volume card issuers understand production batch sizes are shrinking and they need new ways to remain profitable and efficient in the face of change," said Katherine Boosalis, director of product marketing for Datacard Group. "These modules are changing the fundamental dynamics of card issuance. They incorporate highly sophisticated technologies that empower card issuers to combine many small batches into longer runs — without compromising throughput. These modules dramatically reduce card stock inventories and costs related to managing multiple card types."

The truly modular design of the MX6000 system allows card issuers to choose the technologies they need today and give them the ability to easily add or change capabilities as their needs change. The inline Artista VHD module prints full-color, highly personalized cards with 600 dpi quality at speeds up to 1,500 cards per hour. Instead of managing multiple preprinted card stocks, issuers can load blank white cards into the MX6000 system and produce unique cards as quickly as they could produce the same size batch of identical cards, measurably reducing production schedules.

The vision verification module works alongside other MX6000 system modules to provide thorough inline quality assurance. The module also performs automatic pre-programmed verification of card stock and personalization elements, locating and confirming unique identifiers.

"The vision verification module brings operational peace of mind," Boosalis said. "Card issuers need absolute assurance that the right stock is loaded for every run. The vision verification module complements the numerous checks and balances the MX6000 system already has in place, greatly reducing potentially expensive errors and raising the confidence in every card issued."