John J. Bonsee joins AD Group

March, 27, 2010 -- CCTV specialist AD Group, the parent company of Dedicated
Micros Inc., announces the appointment of John J. Bonsee as Senior Vice President, Business Development and Sales, for its AD Network Video business in the Americas. Launched into the region in late 2009, AD Network Video has been set-up to offer a one-stop resource for enterprise scale video surveillance projects where consultants, installers and end users are planning to integrate the latest NetVu Connected CCTV technology from the Group which includes Dedicated Micros high end server products.

In addition to his new AD Network Video role, John J. Bonsee has primary responsibility for sales into the transportation vertical market. Bonsee will also work, in conjunction with the expanding AD Network Video team, to drive forward project sales across a wide range of sectors.

Prior to taking up his position at AD Network Video, Bonsee served as Senior Vice President, Business Development and Sales, at Dedicated Micros, Inc focusing on the transport sector. In addition, he has more than 30 years
experience in senior level business development and sales positions. This includes 25 years at Baxter Healthcare, Clintec, a joint venture of Nestle and Baxter, culminating in the role of Vice President of Sales for the US and the Caribbean. Following his career at Baxter, Bonsee served in senior level advisory positions for companies such as QuickSet, TAMMS, iLife Solutions, Mobilisia, OmniTech, Powers International and Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

A graduate of Siena College in Loudounville, NY, where he received a B.S. in
Economics, John J Bonsee was an Infantry Platoon Commander in the United States Marine Corps and served a tour of duty in Vietnam. He was also a Series Training Commander at the Parris Island Recruit Depot and currently serves as Co-Vice-Chairman for the Military Liaison Council of ASIS International.

Said John J. Bonsee, commenting on his appointment: "I am delighted to be taking on this exciting role at AD Network Video. From my perspective a key advantage of AD Network Video’s approach is the ability to see the bigger picture when assisting those involved in major projects who are interested in a range of NetVu Connected solutions ranging from Dedicated Micros’ Pick-a-Point VMS and DV-IP Server products to FireVu Video Smoke Detection and TransVu Mobile recorders. We are finding that an increasing number of clients want to benefit from our seamless NetVu Connected video technology which allows them to manage their critical infrastructure assets from a single point."

"A good demonstration of this wider perspective is in the transportation sector where, in the case of a transit authority seeking to upgrade their surveillance infrastructure, we could readily deliver CCTV-based Video Smoke Detection to provide an early warning of smoke and flame across multiple road and rail tunnels."

"Alongside, this as part of an integrated solution, we could also offer the latest ruggedised TransVu mobile CCTV solutions for bus security, with automatic wireless downloading of footage, and an accelerometer to measure the braking forces on a vehicle - this has proven especially useful to stop fraudulent insurance claims and to monitor vehicle/driver performance as a management tool."

"The scope of our intelligent solutions is also underlined by the potential to protect extensive transportation infrastructure such as railway tracks, from criminal activity and terrorist attack. Here, where physical security is impossible or impractical - as our NetVu Connected video solutions are analytics capable - it would be possible to enable a virtual detection tripwire to provide proactive surveillance. For ease of operation it is important to stress that all of our NetVu Connected mobile and static surveillance systems are fully interoperable and can be readily viewed and controlled using a common interface such as NetVu ObserVer or Pick-a-Point Video Management System."

"At a broader level there is even the potential to set-up an emergency messaging and mass notification system to support enhanced situational awareness and a two-way communication capability with specified assets, should a major incident occur. This takes advantage of the inherent ability of our NetVu Connected systems to support a local display output and communicate over an IP network."

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