Dedicated micros focused on future of CCTV at ISC West

Chantilly, VA March 27, 2010 -- Dedicated Micros, Inc. - part of AD Group - underscored its position at the forefront of CCTV innovation at the recent ISC West 2010 show by unveiling a number of key product advances. These included revolutionary Integrated Camera Recording (ICR) technology - which features in its CamVu series of cameras and a new Encoder ICR unit; the launch of the Infiniti integrated PTZ camera combines a camera and IR illuminator for low/zero light operation outdoors; the increasingly popular EcoSense and SD Advanced DVRs and - for the first time - the CamVu Mini-Dome range.

The Integrated Recording (ICR) technology promoted by Dedicated Micros at ISC West 2010, and now realized in a growing number of products such as the CamVu series, brings together a megapixel or standard IP camera with a powerful enterprise class video server - all in one compact package - to deliver robust, failsafe recording and video management at the edge of a customer's network. As part of the expansion of this ICR technology, Dedicated Micros announced an Encoder ICR unit which has the potential to support network communication and connectivity to any video input regardless of source or compression method. The ICR was shown on the booth, together with pure IP offerings from Dedicated Micros, a quantum shift in the product portfolio, making IP video, which Dedicated Micros has successfully deployed for over 10 years around the world, accessible to the majority of mid-range dealers and installers in the Americas.

All of Dedicated Micros NetVu Connected products leverage the benefits of its sister company ChipWrights video DSP the CW5631, which brings a programmable CODEC architecture and the ability to run video analytics on chip. The NetVu Connected architecture enables streaming in multiple formats independently, already offers polymorphic streams which dynamically switch from one compression algorithm to another mid-stream, and the ability to add enhanced capabilities such as multi-casting to 3rd party streams.

Also, at ISC West 2010, Dedicated Micros unveiled, the new Infiniti integrated PTZ camera unit. This is an extremely capable solution combining a camera, IR illuminator, integral screen wiper/washer control and built-in pan and tilt mechanism. It has been designed specifically for outdoor applications where optical clarity and low/zero light operation are key requirements. An exciting enhancement to this range includes a new Thermal Imaging Camera. The Infiniti "Thermal", extends the potential for the product to monitor much wider areas, with a range of up 900m within which a human sized object can be detected, regardless of weather and lighting conditions. A key benefit of the Infiniti “Thermal” is its price vs. performance, making affordable thermal technology accessible to the security market, having traditionally resided in high-end military applications.

In addition, Dedicated Micros used the show to highlight the significant
strengthening of its IP dome camera portfolio with the launch of its CamVu
Mini-Dome range. The two key models, now available in the range, are the CamVu HyperDome and the CamVu Day/Night Mini-Dome which are suitable for deployment indoors and outdoors.

Visitors to Dedicated Micros booth also had the opportunity to experience, at first hand, the user-friendly features of its EcoSense DVR and the SD Advanced hybrid DVR both of which offer high performance recording, alarm handling and video transmission and feature the new colour-coded soft key menus and embedded help videos. The step-by-step audio/visual guides, accessible from the local and remote viewer, cover all major operation and configuration topics including: archiving, playback, camera selection, PTZ control, alarm configuration, monitor control and recording schedules.

Also, unveiled for the first time worldwide, Dedicated Micros was the new Eco4 DVR, which combines the benefits of the NetVu Connected video core with the simplicity of use in line with the EcoSense and SD Advanced products.

Said Don Macpherson, Director of Sales at Dedicated Micros, Inc: "We believe that the range of CCTV solutions we displayed at ISC West 2010, from our Integrated Camera Recording (ICR) concept to the Infiniti camera, demonstrates our commitment to remain at the very forefront of surveillance technology in the Americas and, crucially, to maximize our customers return on their investment."

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