Kastle Systems introduces Total Cost of Security Model

Kastle Systems, the leading provider of electronic security and access control, announces a comprehensive approach to assess costs, identify areas of savings and implement measures that drive greater efficiency throughout office buildings and portfolios. Kastle developed its Total Cost of Security Model over 36 years of partnering with building owners, property managers and security consultants. Especially in today's financial climate, building owners are looking to increase efficiency and save money across their portfolios. Kastle's model has been shown to reduce the cost of security by as much as 39%, saving companies millions of dollars.

Kastle's Total Cost of Security Model takes a comprehensive approach to analyze all of the costs associated with security systems, not just the obvious costs of installation and maintenance. It addresses those ongoing costs that you won't find mentioned in any security proposals. These "not-so-obvious" costs of running the system over time include tasks such as card administration, database upkeep, system programming changes, database back-up and redundancy, real-time monitoring, training of new staff, system changes and upgrades to the software, to name a few. Not only are these tasks extremely costly, but they are also cumbersome, difficult to perform and take valuable time away from your staff, who could be spending that time working on other tasks critical to your business.

"The Total Cost of Security Model identifies how best to decrease expense while streamlining the processes of running the system, which not only improves security, but also allows building management to spend more time focusing on their core business," said Chris Tully, Vice President of Kastle Systems.

Companies utilizing the model achieve cost savings through more efficient use of their staff, greater control of their system and by having a system that runs better. "Kastle worked with the Buccini/Pollin Group to assess our savings using Kastle's Total Cost of Security Model. We realize a savings of up to 39% in buildings secured by Kastle. Not only do they save us money, but they take the burden of running the system off of us. This is why Kastle continues to be our trusted partner for security needs," said Robert Buccini, President of the Buccini/Pollin Group, a full service real estate firm with real estate assets valued in excess of $3.0 billion throughout the Mid Atlantic, Northeast and abroad.