Anixter, TZ release new cabinet locking system

CHICAGO, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Anixter Inc. and Telezygology Inc. (TZ) today announce the joint release of the TZ Praetorian cabinet locking system that delivers electronic access control with audit trail capability to data center cabinets.

Data center security has traditionally focused on video surveillance and entryway access control, but the TZ Praetorian is an industry first multi-cabinet solution designed to specifically address the needs of data center managers and designers to provide cabinet-level traceable electronic physical security within their critical data center environments.

Jointly developed by Anixter's Infrastructure Solutions Lab and TZ, the system has been designed to easily integrate with existing enterprise access control systems and structured cabling infrastructure bridging the gap between physical security systems already in place.

The unique characteristic of the system is its ability to easily connect to and utilize existing RJ45-based twisted-pair cabling systems. TZ Praetorian is the only non-proprietary, open-architecture system that seamlessly integrates with twisted-pair cabling infrastructures as well as IP-enabled access control and video surveillance systems.
The system can be configured to react to cabinet events such as lock, unlock and manual override to trigger other access control security devices such as video surveillance capture or alerts.

The TZ Praetorian comes in a twelve or twenty-four lock configuration and is fully scalable to accommodate any number of cabinets up to the physical limit of the access control system it is connected to.

"Our customers have been requesting better security not only at the data center room level, but also at the individual cabinet level as well," said Tim Holloway, Anixter's Vice President of Technology for Security Solutions. "It is important that individuals have a product that works with commercially available access control systems to provide access only to authorized cabinets and spaces, with an audit trail recorded for HIPAA and SOX compliance purposes."

"It has been a pleasure working with TZ to co-develop an innovative new locking and release solution for the enterprise and data center security markets that can utilize existing structured cabling systems. By leveraging the use of standards-based structured cabling in combination with the TZ Intevia Radial electronic lock, we are able to deliver the most cost effective cabinet locking system available today without the complexity associated with the installation of additional cabling," said Andy Jimenez, Anixter's Vice President of Technology for Enterprise Cabling Solutions.

TZ Director Kenneth Ting, adds, "We are proud to have worked closely with the team at Anixter in developing TZ Praetorian. Together, enabled through the intelligence of the TZ Intevia Radial electronic lock, we have developed a solution that offers data center managers the ability to offer intelligent security down to the individual cabinet door level."

To order the TZ Praetorian cabinet locking system, visit "" or contact your local Anixter representative at 1-800-ANIXTER.