Danish retail chain deploys IP video

Milestone Systems helps Matas reduce shrink

“We have similar solutions installed in many shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and banks - all of whom are fighting shrinkage along with the entire retail industry. Such losses in the end affect the stores' profitability – and for smaller establishments even their ability to survive as a business. So solutions like this one Matas is installing can minimize the risk and help loss prevention efforts, optimize business processes and improve service levels to the benefit of both customers and employees,” states Milestone Retail Manager Lars Wilson.

The Matas video surveillance system will include integration with a People Counting IP solution that registers the number of people in a store, from Milestone Solution Partner Cognimatics, which operates with network video cameras from Axis. The customer counting helps each store compare numbers with actual sales figures, and set up store displays in the most beneficial way for customers, so the entire solution functions both as an analytical and management tool.