OzVision introduces hosted IP video services for central stations

OzVision (www.ozvision.com) is introducing the next generation of hosted video services gateways. The new 2-HVR and 4-HVR video gateways incorporate superior H.264 video compression; simultaneous local and off-site recording and storage for up to 1 year; and very simple Plug & Play installation and service initiation, all at amazingly lower price points and minimal upfront investment than any other offering. Now anyone considering a DVR will find the HVR gateways a superior alternative at lower cost, and packed with intuitive and advanced control features, improved online security and private remote access - even on the go from iPhone, Blackberry and any cellphones and PCs with Flash capability.

The OzVision HVR Series is revolutionizing video surveillance technology by converting on-site 'sell-and-forget' CCTV technology into a hosted RMR service. The OzVision Secure Network(tm) (OSN(tm)) services are hosted by OzVision and are being offered though security dealers and central stations. The service is now also available for private branding ('Self-Hosting') to any service provider. Central stations can offer the service combined with alarm verification, monitoring video clips playing in real-time right on the operator's screen (available fully integrated for most central station CRM software), reducing false alarms and enhancing police response upon verification.

The 2-HVR and 4-HVR offer high resolution local video storage in 3 modes (SD Card, flashdrive and USB external HDD) in addition to the 24/7 video streaming and off-site storage. In addition, event-generated video clips are also stored on the OSN servers, and are sent in real-time to cellphones, emails and central station video receivers. Encrypted video is streamed off-site in standard or high resolution, depending on available bandwidth, over any available IP network (ADSL, LAN, Cable, wireless 3G) to a remote secure server where it is stored for the selected service level duration up to 12 months. The 2-HVR and 4-HVR gateways accept any analog camera input (including PTZ), and convert it to IP video, requiring no IT knowledge or any router programming/port configuration by the installer.

"We have converted video into a hosted RMR service that's superior to local DVRs; we believe the security industry will never look at CCTV and DVR the same way again," said Dr. Avi Fried, CEO of OzVision. "But the OSN network is much more than just a technology for replacing DVRs: We are dedicated to delivering hosted video solutions that empower security professionals, business and home owners to discover new more effective ways of managing their video - we are removing the boundaries to the future of video."