TimeSight Systems launches new VLM solution

TimeSight V2.0 reduces storage requirements by up to 90 percent

ISC EAST, NEW YORK, October 29, 2008 - TimeSight Systems, the industry leader in Video Lifecycle Management (VLM), today announced the general availability of its next generation VLM appliance and software solution, TimeSight V2.0. The company is demonstrating this industry changing technology that directly addresses the issue of rising storage costs associated with high resolution megapixel cameras at ISC East, October 29-30 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, booth #1645.

Highlighting the significance of VLM, leading industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan will be addressing this technology in tandem with TimeSight Systems at the show.

"With the adoption of high resolution cameras and digital based solutions that eliminates grainy images, security departments everywhere are looking for a future proof platform that will reduce their current costs, while preparing them for tomorrow's advanced forensics, analytics and compliance," said Dilip Sarangan, research analyst, Frost & Sullivan, North America Security Practice. "TimeSight Systems' unique VLM technology allows users to embrace high resolution digital based video cameras without requiring massive storage capacities."

A copy of Frost & Sullivan's whitepaper on Intelligent Video Surveillance and VLM is available on TimeSight's Website at www.timesightsystems.com.

TimeSight 2.0 makes high-resolution video surveillance capture and retention an effective and affordable security asset by dramatically improving the quality and quantity of valuable video data while reducing the storage footprint. Through its patent pending encoder and rules engine that delivers dynamic H.264 compression of video surveillance files over time, TimeSight 2.0 closes security gaps and increases compliance by enabling the capture and storage of all video, vs. motion only and lengthening retention time from days to weeks/months - all while reducing storage requirements by up to 90 percent.

"The ability for TimeSight Systems to remove storage as a barrier to the use of clear, actionable video, that can be retained for long periods, is critical as we enter tougher economic times, where cash is king and people need to lower spending," said Charles Foley, chairman and CEO, TimeSight Systems. "VLM improves the entire economic value proposition of using megapixel cameras by eliminating the single barrier to higher image quality, complete capture/coverage, and longer retention."

The TimeSight VLM family of appliances consists of four models that include pre-installed TimeSight VLM server software and storage. In a single compact unit, users can capture, store and manage all their high resolution surveillance video data (motion and non-motion) representing months of footage vs. only days. TimeSight VLM software feature enhancements have been added to prior versions to improve security, coverage and usability, while making high resolution effective and affordable. Major enhancements include:

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