TimeSight Systems launches new VLM solution

TimeSight V2.0 reduces storage requirements by up to 90 percent

- Video Lifecycle Management (VLM): Further reductions in the amount of storage required to store all required video data by 90% applying dynamic H.264 "compression over time" rules based on an organizations specific risk/retention profile. This enables higher quality images to be stored for longer periods of time, without the traditional high costs of storage.
- Motion Optimized Recording (MORe): Intelligent motion handling that closes the video security gaps by applying independent, "dynamic H.264 compression over time" rules, to both motion and non-motion events. This enables the secure retention of all video on less storage than current record on motion only, (i.e. discard all non-motion) riskier approaches.
- Intelligent, High Speed Search: Ability to search through only the high quality "events of interest" for fast and accurate detection, location and reviewing of critical video data.
- Support for Latest IP Megapixel Cameras: Supports all the popular high resolution IP megapixel cameras running at optimal frame rates from companies like Arecont, Axis Communications, IQinvision and Sony.
- Improved Quality and Enhanced Capabilities for Existing Analog and IP Cameras: TimeSight adds full dynamic H.264 (VLM) functionality and improved quality to existing installed analog and IP cameras, technologies users depend on today. This provides an in-place dynamic H.264 technology upgrade to an entire install base, avoiding the costs of upgrading/replacing all cameras to enhance image quality in a few key areas.

"Our TimeSight VLM solution has enabled us to increase image quality and retention while actually reducing our storage requirements," said Bill Impellezzeri of Altera, a billion dollar manufacturer of ASIC technology. "We're looking forward to enhancing our environment with Version 2.0 and leveraging the new MORe (Motion Optimized Recording) functionality to further decrease our storage requirements even as we grow camera counts in our enterprise for greater security."

TimeSight V2.0 is available immediately; pricing and specifications are available through TimeSight Systems and authorized TimeSight integrators and VARs.