GVI Security’s new autoIP VMS created specifically for 16-32 camera applications

CARROLLTON, TEXAS – Date, 2009 – GVI Security's new autoIP video management software (VMS) takes advantage of network/IP technology for managing how video surveillance data streams are distributed, stored and viewed in mid-sized surveillance systems.  autoID VMS automatically detects and recognizes cameras and devices and is easily configured using standard, off-the-shelf hardware.  With it, mid-market video installing firms and their customers are provided a VMS that makes installation and use of the software easy without sacrificing performance and control. 

            autoIP takes the hassle out of networking mid-level surveillance systems, a sector of the surveillance market that has been ignored for far too long.  For smaller systems, it has been common for IP camera vendors to provide freeware.  However, such offerings are inadequate for the 16-32 cameras user.  Likewise, the VMS software created for enterprise applications, consisting of hundreds of cameras, is way too complex for the mid-market.  Therefore, mid-sized customers typically have been restricted to using DVR packages.

            Unattended, the new GVI autoIP VMS automatically discovers supported IP cameras and arranges them on the same network (subnet) while also configuring them for alarm recording on any triggered event including motion and contact closures, all without any manual intervention.  Individual schedules can be created for each camera.  Full DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) eliminates any need to assign camera IP addresses.  The software likewise “discovers” all AutoIP smart recording servers on the same network and additionally provides automatic client updates with a prompt to the user.

            The new VMS' open platform currently provides seamless integration of cameras from SAMSUNG, Axis and Sony with the AutoIP interface.  Support for additional brands will be announced shortly.

            Operating on Windows® Vista Business or XP Professional, autoIP VMS is network friendly and secured by password on multiple user access levels.  It supports standard RTSP, RTP and RTCP (Real Time Streaming Protocol, Real-Time Transport Protocol and RTP Control Protocol) as well as Web service-based smart client architecture.  Instead of requiring the typical static addressing on all cameras, autoIP VMS recognizes when a camera IP changes.  Users can switch cameras at will without having to make VMS software/network updates. 

            With autoIP VMS, users have a choice of MPEG-4 or MJPEG resolution, can establish event-, schedule-, and time/date/camera-based recording, undertake event-based video searches, and monitor, review and export video with one click to a CD/DVD.  Recording capacity is limited only by the hard drive capacity of the server.  Establishing a remote monitoring system is quickly accomplished.

            autoIP VMS is available in several options.  The server can be delivered pre-installed on Dell servers or installed by integrators using simple wizard downloaded from the AutoIP web portal, which provides video recording, plug and play camera configuration, event management and creating the system database.  The autoIP smart client is installed using a simple wizard downloaded from the GVI website or installed by pointing a web-browser at the autoIP server.  This provides video monitoring, video playback, event searches, system administration and automatic updates when new versions are available.  For updates, no CD is required.  The user is simply prompted.

autoIP VMS is available now.